Life...., :)

Yes, it's true that I have left my blog for quite a long period of time. It's something that is very addictive. I missed it.... and each and everyone of those kind and honest gentlemen and ladies reading it.

LIFE.... you know teaches us many... I literally mean MANY lessons. You just cant escape that shawshank redemption.

Smile, anger, tears, nauntiness, fear, lonliness, pleasant surroundings.... everything is shown to you by life!! Once just close your head and rewind every moment of your past....

YES!! Exactly! Bad always try to dominate good... your past bad even now chase you.... more than the good you have done.... I kight not be elder to teach you or say you all about this.... but, FORGET all those miserable things. Those things which haunt you... which deliberatley try to possess your mind by grabbing it from you.... which suck your energy and make you go low like codiene....

STOP!! Atleast now stop thinking about your bad and not even commiting more bad... this can make you the happiest hippie on the planet!! Make the best out of you in a productive way. Always keep it up for yourself and people around you. Always remember people around you TRUST you only till you make a mistake.... and once it's done, gods should save you!!

CONFESS!! Neither confess nor regret your mistakes! Just leave them. I dont think that there is a need for you to think about them or confess about them.... do you?!


NeW yEaR.... #HaikuHighTimes

This has been a hard time for me... to surpress all yhe things that I have personally gone through in 2013...

Confessing 2013 would be #shit from my side...

Gave up, hooked up
Yes, winter's mist gifted
New year!!! :D

#Really bad haiku... :|

Wish you all a very happy new year... hope for positive vibes..

LiEbStEr... :D

It was around two weeks back that i got double packed single surprise from two fellow bloggers karanvir and divya shared their liebster blogger award with me. i was so happy reading both the posts and was inspired a lot from their experiences and their answers.

before i share my liebster blog award and give you the questions, i need to answer the questions that were given by the nominees

Answers for karanvir :

1. why blog?

    Blog is the only place where i feel myself... i can have my own space where i can share whatever my inner voice speaks.

2. One craziest thing you did at school

    Me and my friends used to listen songs with iPod without listening to classes sitting in middle benches and hiding our earphones under the collars

3. Scariest dream which haunts you everywhere

    I have dream of a pretty girl which haunts me in my dreams every night. am scared that i wont get that girl. *sweet haunt*

4. If you get one wish that will be fulfilled by god, then what will you ask for?

    God!! let my off springs for generations settle peacefully with a good job and their willing place.

5. Your favorite food

     I love chicken cheese burgers!! i can eat them everyday and in every meal! well it might be so heavy! but i don't mind!!! i want a burger

6. Your expectation from Indian government

    I'm proud to be born in land where Gandhi walked, Nehru ruled, Sachin played, Rajini acted, C.V. Raman discovered, Swaminathan fed and most importantly where 1 billion people live!! PLEASE DON'T LET OUR PRESTIGE DOWN! that's the only thing am expecting.

7. Most important person in my life

    Mom! you're so important.

8. Three things you cant live without

    My blog, My camera, My guitar (though guitar is just for strumming)

9. Your favorite blog

    I love humor.. i read this blog Humor unplugged a must read.. hey this is my most favorite pastime i read many but i love this!!

10. Do you believe in ghosts and spirits?

      Yea!! i had an experience 3 years back! f*** them!

11. Do you think blogging can change anything?

      It depends, change is something that you find it for yourself. According to me, an individual can speak whatever he like on his blog! it's his own property!!

Answers for Divya

1. What is your favorite place?

    Anjuna, Goa i will never change this in my life...

2. What would be that one wild thing you intend to do in your lifetime

    Las vegas! "whatever happens in vegas, stays in Vegas" i dont need to explain that i guess... i want this trip to Vegas to be that one real "hangover" style wild trip

3. How do you define serenity? Illustrate with examples

    Serenity is not something that can be defined, the word serene itself spells so peacefully! i apologize to answer for this, i'm still a kid

4. If you were to ask one question to an alien, what  would that be?

    Dude help me get a PhD in architectural journalism

5. Light shades or dark colors? reasons?

    Dark shades!!  Dark is what real.. everything light ends up dark someday!

6. What is your dream job

    I wanna be an architectural journalist!! i love visiting places, taking photos of their tradition and architecture

7. Describe your favorite birthday experience

    I don't remember but the one for which i got my 1st bicycle.. 2nd std I guess

8. Given a chance what will you change about planet earth?

    I would invent something that could jam all the radio signals for 6 hours everyday!! it will protect millions of birds that are dying because of that and causing imbalance!! best example : sparrow

9. What would you do when you have absolutely free time?

    I love to write poems and letters for that haunting girl..

10. What is that you don't like in someone

      Why the fuck people don't like to be in peace?! man i will do the work that you have assigned!! don't f*** the mess up with me.


Now moving on to the 2nd part of this, which i find myself to be a very tough one 

This is an award given to new and upcoming bloggers who deserve to be out-shown in blogosphere as they are good at what they are blogging. It also creates a chance for introducing new bloggers

before i share my awards with pals, i would like to say some instructions to them

1. Post 11 facts about yourself

2. Answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you

3. Tag 11 more Bloggers (with no more than 200 followers; no tagging back)   and make 11 questions for them

4. Tell the people you tagged that you did.

Now i would like to share my award with

Now the "ChEeSy" part of the award... my 11 questions

1. What is your opinion about yourself, compare it with your favorite fictional 
   character (cartoon)

2. What do you earn by blogging? (like casual not offending)

3. What is your favorite music genre? why?

4. School or college?

5. You think someone good must come to politics? If so why? aren't you good?

6. A confession. 100% truth and unknown  :D

7. Your opinion on Indian culture

8. Worse thing about you

9. Your three unfulfilled dreams

10. Your favorite subject?

11. You happy with what you're studying?


                                                        After some days, you might ask yourself 
                                                   Did he forget me?


                                                                           you know?

                                              you are not an incident to forget... you're my life


p.s:- after all this wait of ten years have taught me to survive in a hope that you'll be there someday.

                                                                   waiting for that

ChWeEt HeArT!! Listen!!!

Flew like a leaf for the breeze of west
My mind blew into the winds of unknown worlds
As I closed my eyes I laid back to rest
Peace ran in me even in a billion revolts

Emulsified like a carmel your voice is
As it went I feel as if in ecstacy
Every single word, as it reverberated
Touched my heart not my ears felt loved

P.s : - just for my sweet heart...

Love Infinity #HaikuHighTimes

Vast as abysmall
Just for you
I struggle like fall

Some times I feel like waiting years together for a person makes the difference from you to other people who just forget people as simple as that!!

P.S:- still waiting baby...

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