nature91 :- Dragonfly...!!!(day#48 of 91)

Dragonfly is an arthropod of class insecta... there are 11families
 Actually this is an insect belonging to the Order Odonata.. it is charecterized by large and multifaceted eyes...
Parameters :- 
Camera :- Canon E1000d
F-Stop :- f/3
Exposure time :- 1/7sec.
ISO Speed :- ISO 1800
Focal length :- 9mm
Max aperture :- 3.75
Representation :- sRGB
Resolution :- 180dpi(horizontal) / 180dpi(vertical)

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5 days and 60,000/- rupees .....!!!

Hi guys...!
How are you all?

Am bit busy with my life...

Yes, After a long time i'm enjoying my life...
Also now i'm going to write an incident in my life that happened 20days ago...

My college ANUCAP got chance for hosting Zonal-NASA(National Association of Students of Architecture)
For that convention i was really exicted and really proud to be a student of a host college

But that convention made me more sad than happy.. guess why?
It's just due to my mistake... I know people have SHORT TEMPER, MEMORY  LOSS and LAZINESS
But these three things taught me a lesson in my life that i can never forget

I can't say in words when i 1st reacted when my brother used my laptop when i said him not to... he didn't listen... The short temper thing suddenly made me mad... i jst closed my laptop with dirty speed.. "F***... the screen got cracked... My 1st laptop, my 1st crush to gadgets... and now insane" were the words that were in my mind at that time... totally 5000/-

In 10mins while taking my camera out in that angry mood it dropped....! tears drpopped from my eyes... i cried... i literally cried...!! " Jesus WTF! is going on with me" My canon EOS1000d with 18-55 lens 22,000/-

Next i got camera from my well wisher and took it to the convention...! along with that i took all the essentials of mine... like iPod, Sprints, etc., etc.,

The convention finished my girl friend said break up...! i said OK..!
i forgot my Bag containing all essentials in the college...

Afet 3 days when i took my bag i realised that  lost my iPod... " third time in the month, I'm again in tears"20,000/-
Removed all the clothes and found that another bag of me is missing... " The bag that contains my Sprints... jesus christ i hate my life" 5000/-
Slowly i found that i forgot my DSLR carrier and it's charger in Auto rickshaw...!! "FML!!"5000/-

Now lately i understood that i lost stuff worth 60,000/- in just 5 fucking days..!!

i'm really in dire need of concentration and some other medical shit...!!

Hating my life.....                                                                                                   -Jaynth busi
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