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Like a necklace on the neck of a woman
Like a sword of god from heaven
Is our india in the vast oceans..


Chat Masala..... ;)

Chat.....!! :D :D

Chat masala (as we call it) is a mix of some pulses mixed in "PUNGI" a.k.a "POT"
A must taste at indian carnivals and jatar's in india...

Pic taken with my Sony Ericsson Xperia @ 5mp mode with extra sunlight ;)

nature91 :- A hut...!(day#38 of 91)

Traditional Indian Housing.. HUT
Hutonce upon a time is the traditional housing.. but now after influenced by the english empire it became poor man's house... such a pity... but still the coolness you found inside a hut made from palm leaves beats the A.C at 26ÂșC...!

Parameters :-
Camera :- CanonA495
F-Stop :- f/3.2
ISO speed :- ISO 100
Exposure time :- 1/400sec
F-Length :- 8mm
Max aperture :- 3.34
Color Representation :- sRGB
Resolution :- 180dpi(horizontal) \ 180dpi(vertical)

P.S :- post posted under Nature 91

nature91 :- Godavari River(day#26 of 91)

River Godavari.....
It's the longest river in Southern India and it is also called as "DAKSHIN GANGA".
It runs for nearly 1465km and finally joins in Bay of bengal near Antarvedi in andhra pradesh...
On it is the largest hydel power dam in south india the Sri Sailam Dam..  It is also known for it's depths and pureness....

Parameters :-
Camera used :- Olympus FE210
F-Stop :- f/4.6
Exposure time :- 1/900sec
ISO speed :- ISO 120
F-Length :- 6mm
Max aperture :- 3.26
Resolution :- 314dpi(horizontal) / 314dpi(vertical)

P.S :- Post posted under Nature 91
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