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The Red currants :)

Oh! as my cherubic little plant bear me
Not alone but a bunch of sisters around I be
Red like the lips of your darling, I blossom
From the small bud that grow in autumn

As you see, I look small like a baby's eyes
As you eat, I melt like frozen ice
Making you feel every moment of mine
Like something you can never define

                                            Image : wikipedia

So, small and red I wait for you here
In the rain i drench for freshness you require
Before i get bitten by some worm
Make me yours, in your hands i feel warm

As you eat me for sweet I feel like an angel
I give you boons, you can make me a pretzel
health I give you, as I got many things in  me
don't throw my seed, rather plant and make it a tree

P.S :- Post by chatty... from the dairy of Jay

nature91 :- Lizard..!!!(day#28 of 91)

Lizards as we know are from the kingdom of Animalia and of the phylum Chordata of class reptilia..
They are the one of the most wide spread species around the world...
There are around 3000 species of lizards that are existing.. they are found in different sizes colors and venomous and non-venomous in nature...
I don't know but there is a superstition in india that when we are going outside and if a lizard falls on our head we should touch the gold. else the gold that we earned will go away from us.... weird isn't it?!

Parameters :-
Camera used :- Canon A495
F-Stop :- f/5.8
Exposure time :- 1/20 sec
ISO Speed :- ISO 1200
F-length :- 22mm
Max aperture :- 5.06
Color representation :- sRGB
Resolution :- 180dpi(horizontal) / 180dpi(vertical)

P.S :- Post posted under Nature 91
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