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The regret...

Linked like a chain, my life is
So hard that I couldnt bear this
Not a single day I can say I lived
Not a single moment I can say I was dead

Fought my battle of life like a soilder
Built my house of heart like a labour
But as it was told nothing lasts forever
I lay down with everything with my arms open wider

Scars remind me that I have a past to remember
To my destiny here by I want to surender
Thought I would shape my future
But the but my past keeps on running like a hunter

Clouded was my life like storm in hunger
Struck was my life in web of a spider
Harder I try more I loose
Deeper the thought more I ooze

Controlling my tears from the past 20years
Cant any more so crying like a looser
The more I push the more I got pulled
The more I tried the more it hurted

Left everything to the destiny I lay
With this broken heart now I pray
From now atleast il do what I say
Trust me my life il make you proud I say

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