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I FlY...

Looking down in amazement I see
From up the edge of the cliff I set myself free
I jump like a grasshoper in to the endless sea
With my wings wide open from now I be me

Up in the clouds up so high
Like a shooting star here I fly
With my tail as a rudder
To the left in the ocean so far
And the endless winds that roar

To the future that I see
I fly to the land thats unseen
To find a new identity called me
Peace, love and affection is what I need

In the summer I fly like a blaze
And the rains wet like a drizzle
Snow make me white like a flake
spring gave me hope for the new

There were empires under me as I look down
Filled with the trees so lush green
Soon I enter the land of un known
And here I proclaim im the king of my own

P.S : a small attempt
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