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The RomAnCe...

26th dec, 2012..

         Every single moment was heart pounding, embarrasing, dreamy, what not to say it was everything. I mean it was something called LIFE.
The moment I saw myself with her in the mirror, it was a dream come true.
The moment I entered my home with our right legs 1st, it was incredible feeling
The moment I entered now so called "our" room, it was a life time for me
The moment which we were together, there was nothing but love in the air
  The moment of 'us', finally happened... and it lasts forever and ever.

        Her presence filled up the entire home which was empty. Rejoiced with her presence, my became our's... I became us... and everything became silent...
       The girl of my dreams, the love of my heart, the princess of my world and the soul of our's is finally in my arms. Hugged her tightly she dropped tears on my arms which made me hold her more firm. And the smile she smiled in the happiness can not be bought even with the entire universe sold.
      Her fragnace spread the whole of OUR room. She stood infront of the mirror in curiosity.
I asked, "what happened baby?"
She replied "I feel myself incomplete" looking into it with a sad face.
I went beside her saw her in the mirror..
She said "yea, jay im complete now. This is what I look like"

What else in the world can make a guy more happy than that?

I hugged her from back and whispered into her ears "I love you" and that hug made the whole air in the room Romantic... Sensuous... Love... every inch of our bodies were born again. Every cell of us rejuvenated and every atom that was there in our presence felt jealous.

Turned towards me she made me lost in myself. The air was filled with romance. And the moment my lips touched her's... felt like enchanted with love. The clock started ticking slow, the room which was set at arcitic temperature seemed to be 40celcius as we hugged tightly. Holding her soft cheeks in my hands, I felt like holding a just born infant with such an innocent smile.

Hearts pounded, veins over flew, adrenaline rushed, and that limerent bond between us opened up. As we started to feel each other, our bodies were numb. As I kissed her curves, she started to hold me tight. And her every single touch made me feel alive. Like a whisky on the rocks the fluids in our bodies started to pump involutarly. As we cuddled on the bed, with our fingers exactly interlocked perfectly without any space, our souls rejoiced in happiness. Every moment ended up perfectly. The silence seized every thing around us.

As she moved her body closer to mine, it felt like a soft rose with blossomed petals. With her fragrance, she made me feel as if it was a mid summer night's dream. As me moved passionatley, the love filled the whole atmosphere. Curatins started to swing and with her silky body lying on mine, oh love! What to say... you're unexpressible..

Love is something not only a feeling, it comprises of bonding, physically, mentally and whole heartedly. And romance is such a part of love where exactly you can show the love, the emotions, the passion and the feeling you have towards her. Most importantly, love is to be shown, ts to be felt and it should be experienced. Its not something to think or its not something to hide.

P.s : My first attempt

AliVe In yOuR aRmZzZzZ....

Il heel the wound your heart faced
Il make your every cell  rejuvenate
Cry with tears of sweat in happiness
I lie beside to protect you my princess

Il kiss you like a prince of heaven
Make you the princess of my heart thats barren
Let you be the queen of your world
If you want me the prince you dreamed

Il awake every inch of your body
Il make your heart rejoice like no body
Lost in your love, I spread my arm
wide for you to come and fill it firm

Every instinct of your's make me alive
Like a new born fish in waters below
Tickling all the way from top to bottom
You make me happy more than a ton

The choclate lips...

Your choclate lips
Soft like butter, sweet like sugar
Make go crazy, my sweetheart daisy    <3


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