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nature91 :- Macro of a BARK....(day#42 of 91)

Macro of a bark....

Don't you find it like an Arial view of hills and valleys?!
To say exactly these outer layer of barks give the enormous protection to the inner layers of the bark

Camera :- Canon EOS 5D with 70-300mm lens

Can't provide more information because the EXIF values are not there with me... :(

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nature91 :- Bougainvillea Flowers(day#7 of 91)

Pink Bougainvillea Flowers
For this i used Canon A945 and i manipulated it used Paint

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GoLdEn RaYs Of OuR StAr SuN.................!!

Photograph of  sun rays during sunset.....

its just like golden shower on earth ! isnt it ?!

photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography

AwAiTInG For RaIn...............


awaiting with a million eyes
for just a water of rain
but cant even see a sight
of a small cloud

Its life
not a movie

photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography  


A Perfect silhouette of a palm tree......

photographer :- jaynthbusi-photography

CoCOnUt TreE OriGiN...........

Coconut Trees it’s origin according to Indian myths…

Let us enjoy reading this Hindu Mythological Story of The Origin of Coconut Tree.

King Trishanku was a saintly man whose one great desire was to ascend bodily into heaven. He had once done a good turn to sage Vishwamitra and the sage decided to help him fulfill his desire.

Accordingly, he performed a yagna and Trishanku began to rise heavenwards.

When Indra, King of the gods, saw Trishanku at the gates of Heaven, he was furious and catching hold of him, threw him down. Vishwamitra saw Trishanku hurtling downwards and shouted: "Let Trishanku stay where he is now!"

Trishanku’s fall was arrested. As Indra would not let him ascend into heaven and Vishwamitra would not allow him to come down, Trishanku became suspended between heaven and earth.

Folklore has expanded this mythological story to explain the origin of the coconut tree: Vishwamitra knew that Trishanku would eventually fall to earth unless held up by physical means, so he propped him up with a long pole.

The pole eventually turned into a coconut tree and Trishanku’s head became its fruit. The fibre around the coconut is Trishanku’s beard. When you take it off, you see his eyes peering at you.


p.s :- got this myth on google..... And its not my story !


photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography

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