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Carved to Perfecion...

Emperors passed so the empires confescated
The royalty remained like the virtuous soul untouched
Engraved the names on stone they preserved
Eternity they show, not the flesh its the nature undefeated

                                          Inscriptions regarding the great Maharaja palace of Mysore

I give up......

Oh baby am so sorry for what i've done
It's hell without you and am already in
Is the infatuation that played with my brain?
Or your dreams that i'm lost in

Are you the one which i saw you in that mall
In the hall and on my bed sitting on my couch?
It's so annoying that i should now i should stand still
On my own with out your support , On the wall of the angel's hell

Deep below buried in me
is the land of agony
which is now bursting out, in the form of tears
And Loneliness reigns by royal decree.

Am now without an answer, no not even a clue
Should i wait or wake from this dream of you
This is a torment that i cant fight anymore
My tears were out and i can't cry anymore

I thought you would be with me
Till the end of the sun and moon's light in the night
But i came to know that it's just a dream in twilight
That can never ever be cherished even though i fight

Arts degree is for people who wish to live their own life…

Guys now a day’s people’s way of thinking have changed drastically. Even the parents now a day are just forcing their kids to join either in engineering stream or medicine stream.
                     Well particularly in my state Andhra Pradesh where education has become a business here. They just force a kid of 11th standard to study for nearly 13hours a day in college without any extracurricular activities. Which I think is too insane. But what all they need is marks. Well even an average guy like me can score 100% marks if he is made to study in the way he likes.
                       Listen guys’ studying is important. But I say studying the subject a student likes is very much important. And “RANKS ARE NOTHING BUT NUMBERS, BUT TALENT IS THE ONE THAT EARN YOU THAT NUMBERS”
                        And who the hell said that “arts is for dummies”. For those who think like that I’m saying that “arts is for people those who wish to live their own life”. And “engineering and medicine are the subjects for money bugs!”
                     See even the great scientists at the end write their own book called “auto-biography” which is an art not science. And the books you are reading are also a form of art and the machines that engineering students use also 1st came from artwork and designing…
                      Am not criticizing the people who studied engineering because I myself is a student of engineering. But the way of thinking in this country should change. Here everyone thinks of money fame and luxuries. And they think only way is doing a professional degree…! Isn’t it insane?
                         Even most of our parents have done their mainstream degree in arts they don’t wish their child to read arts. Why?. It’s not the problem in some families. But many of them wish their child to become either an engineer or doctor. Are they the only professions that can earn money?. I say NO.
                              You know guys in my state alone there are nearly 800 engineering colleges and 100 medical colleges. Why does the government and even the private sector start colleges for only engineering? Why can’t they open colleges for arts, architecture, literature, pure and applied subjects and other courses?
                            The reason is only one. Parents here wish their son to become either engineer or doctor right from their early childhood. And even the kid even though after some period of time likes another subject he is getting forced to join in an engg or medical college.
                         I myself want to become a photographer right from 15. I applied for MIT, JJ and HALLMARK. But I can’t go there now only reason my parents don’t like me becoming a photographer… the reason might be simple guys but the impact on me was terrible. I’m now getting good grades but there is a place in me for photography. Like that I know many people are suffering around the world.
                      Only way to get out of this depression is just do what your parents say else explain them the subject you like and please them.
Don’t study for earning, study for a better living.

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