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Love Infinity #HaikuHighTimes

Vast as abysmall
Just for you
I struggle like fall

Some times I feel like waiting years together for a person makes the difference from you to other people who just forget people as simple as that!!

P.S:- still waiting baby...

Love #HaikuHighTimes

                                                            Occult so minute
                                                Frozen yet warm
                                               My heart beats for you


The beat #HaikuHighTimes

As the beat dropped
Heart beat raised
Springed like a kid, I jumped

Life is music. Blue sometimes, beat sometimes
#Haiku #DigitalArt

P.s : digital art dedicated to all the dj's who drops the beat suddenly..

Lost... #HaikuHighTimes

baffled beyond what I persuaded
Agony, like winter made me cold
death approached like mist 

Just another rumbling nothing much. :)
Haiku is a real small weapon that can make you write wonders, write a single shot sentence which Is deeper thqn the deepest ocean.

What not...

Till the last cell of mine exist
I stay in your heart till I die
Evn in the other world, for you here I await

Even a sand clock can be an element for showing love if you want too... its not about the thing... all it is about the love.

Haiku TaTtOo...

Every one of those million needles
That tore and filled the ink in my skin,
I felt happy thinking of you my princess


HDR of wet petals.,.

When the rain falls on my skin
And make me blossom beautifully..
I wil be a flower...

IgNore... #Haiku

If ignoring is the only thing you feel
Do that atleast, because I will be happy
For you have atleast that, and it is real


The choclate lips...

Your choclate lips
Soft like butter, sweet like sugar
Make go crazy, my sweetheart daisy    <3


Be my fuel...

You lit my heart nd it ignited
Be the fuel for burning
Else it will turn to ashes


Haiku... for you...

For your love I wait...
Forever I remain alone on this planet
Just for you to say I love you


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