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His promise, Her wait....

*Jet airways, flight no 1793 from delhi to hyderabad is scheduled to depart from the 3rd gate in 15minutes*

As she boarded the flight back home from her first interview in delhi, with a success sanjana buckled up her seat belt and started to deeam. Some where in her dreams, came a secret guy. As she looked at r0the sky so high, she repeatedly heard some words spoken by that secret guy.

"Where ever you go, whatever you do, I will be there with you. And today is 3rd april, 2007. And in 6 more years after graduation, I will come to you and ask you to marry me. By then I will get a good job and a settled life. Till then, take care"

As the clouds passed by, she asked herself "Does he remember me? Will he really come? Where is he now? What is he doing?", lost her self in a million of "con-questions" she finally reached her home town. The place where she spent all her life. All her memories, and all her foot prints.

On reaching home she got a grand welcome for the success of her interview. She now is a proud employee of "Google Inc.,". But more than the happiness her mind just revolved searching for the answers that her contravening logic left her. As she thought for a moment, suddenly something struck her mind...

she went near her mom and asked "Mom, where did you keep all my school books?", in excitement. As her mom siad that they were in the old cup board, she rushed into it and opened the cup board.

She started looking out for all the books, and finally Her eyes looked at something... her eyes opened wide... her breathe slowed down and her heart started to pound.

              "Persons may leave, memories wont... slam book"

As she opened the slam book, her memories started to blink, each page she turned out for that secret guy her heart body went cold and numb. Her eyes stopped at a page, she started to touch every single letter that the guy wrote
   Achyuth... 30th march, 2007 was signatured on the last line of the page... as she read the whole thing, she found his email id in it. Thought for a moment, she decided to mail some thing special to him. But her negative thoughts stopped her from typing the mail.

As we know, always the upper hand goes to heart, feelings and emotions. But in sanjana's case, lets see what happens...

P.s : lets hope for a happy ending.

Haiku TaTtOo...

Every one of those million needles
That tore and filled the ink in my skin,
I felt happy thinking of you my princess


SoMe RanDom WorDs...

I trust you, and I still trust you
Though you ignore me I still love you
I wanna be with you, I still wanna be with you
Even you call me a nerd I still love you

You know it makes me cry so hard
When you ignore and still say I don't
My heart loves, but my logic think
May be logic wins, but my heart lives!!

                                                                 google images

May be I will speak to you with heart
But remember its already hurt
May be for now I stopped speaking
Doesn't mean that I will stop loving

I love you till I die
And that's what I can say til I'm alive
Believe  it or not go to hell
But its true as deep as a deepest well

P.S :- some of lines with my coffee mug...

I LoVe mY bLoG... <3

No poem or no post to write
Stuck with no idea, I sit
Seeing my empty blog is killing my sight
Something or the other therfore I decided to write

No idea what am writing
No idea what am thinking
No idea what am reading
But still my hands kept moving

Wrote two paragraphs already I stare
Not so meaningful but bizzare
I never thought this will happen I swear
As my blog keeps on saying "you look at me rare"

Dont know what my blog kept me till now
Dont know why it attracts me more than my llve
But one thing I can say for now
I gave birth, made it see this world till now

I have been its father, mother a brother and a sister
I have seen it as starved and a star
I have lived woth it hours together
Made my smile, which I will never forget forever

Its just you...

You're my eye
You're my vein
You're the one that flows in every part of mine
You're my heart
You're my pulse
You're the one who makes my foot go tick tok in rain
You're my hand
You're my breath
You're the only one that can see my pain
You're my nerve
You're my love
You're the one for whom I still remain


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