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AwAiTInG For RaIn...............


awaiting with a million eyes
for just a water of rain
but cant even see a sight
of a small cloud

Its life
not a movie

photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography  

CoCOnUt TreE OriGiN...........

Coconut Trees it’s origin according to Indian myths…

Let us enjoy reading this Hindu Mythological Story of The Origin of Coconut Tree.

King Trishanku was a saintly man whose one great desire was to ascend bodily into heaven. He had once done a good turn to sage Vishwamitra and the sage decided to help him fulfill his desire.

Accordingly, he performed a yagna and Trishanku began to rise heavenwards.

When Indra, King of the gods, saw Trishanku at the gates of Heaven, he was furious and catching hold of him, threw him down. Vishwamitra saw Trishanku hurtling downwards and shouted: "Let Trishanku stay where he is now!"

Trishanku’s fall was arrested. As Indra would not let him ascend into heaven and Vishwamitra would not allow him to come down, Trishanku became suspended between heaven and earth.

Folklore has expanded this mythological story to explain the origin of the coconut tree: Vishwamitra knew that Trishanku would eventually fall to earth unless held up by physical means, so he propped him up with a long pole.

The pole eventually turned into a coconut tree and Trishanku’s head became its fruit. The fibre around the coconut is Trishanku’s beard. When you take it off, you see his eyes peering at you.


p.s :- got this myth on google..... And its not my story !


photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography

DonT EvEr ThInk LiKe ThiS................!!

10 things you should not say when you are in depression...!

1.    Am Worthless and would be better off dead.
2.   I have no value and no meaningful purpose for being here.
3.   I’ll never amount to anything.
4.   No one loves or cares for me.
5.   My situation is hopeless. I see no way out but to die.
6.   I’m stupid, I’m dumb, I’m ugly.
7.   Life doesn’t love me.
8.   Life is the pits.
9.   My future is hopeless.
1 0.   Nobody can help me.

Guys I experienced the worst situations in life… so, am saying you all that never ever think of you in a negative way……… whatever happens is just for our sake only…

And SUCIDE is not the answer for your depression.! It’s a coward thing… stand up and jump the walls of depression. You’ll land in the world of happiness……
                                                -Jaynth busi

Dont Get DopEd ......!! LiFe Is ValUblE

Whenever I see a child or a kid...I feel these are the best time...
1.Freely moving..
2.All the LOVE from every one as they have the KILLER weapon "TEARS"..
3.Spoon feeding from MOM..the best!!
They are unaware of these words!!
As they start growing... They are engrossed in STUDIES...To come first, second and live up to the expectations of parents!!
Parents who do every thing for us!! We reward their sacrifices with our marks and character!!
It's RESPONSIBILITIES that come to them!! They start knowing all about it!!
Now, Why am I writing this???
I being a college student myself knows how it feels like!!!
Marks/Grades the first thing in our mind!!
"Whatever" "we" do GRADES/MARKS always there in some part of our thinking machine!!
By "Whatever" I mean:
4.DRUGS etc..etc!!
Please NOTE:
The "Whatever" thing is very injurious for HEALTH and is certainly a barrier for your success toward your achieving "WEALTH"..
and "we" does not mean EVERY COLLEGE STUDENTS does the "Whatever"thing.... but majority do!!!

As, I have already made it clear that it's THE RESPONSIBILITY which thrives us to do good..I mean BEST!!
It takes the best out of us!!
STUDIES our RESPONSIBILITY and we gotta do it for our PARENTS!!
Cummon, I am not being a diplomat...We do study for our PARENTS not for us.... But YES...we enjoy the fruits
made out from our DEGREES!!
So, I'm a college student... Seen every kind of student... Just Why did I start my blog with A child/kid related thing!!
A small baby comes in this world...lives.....grows...and then.. perishes after learning something or the other..
A child is hearty feelings..cries whn needed....that's it!!
Same as a college student!! A student comes to college to learn something..Not only studies..make his/her
personality...carve a better person out of him/her..

Ronit was a student who came to do his B-Tech from a well known college...
He was free from all the "whatever" thing when he entered the college!!
His DAD being an engineer himself told him one thing before Ronit left for college,
"Son, You will get to learn a lot of things apart from your studies in the college. See to it that THE WAY YOU CAME SHOULD
His DAD was very true with his words.. He was the only child of his parents!!
As soon as he entered college...He saw all kinds of students beside him..
But he always remembered what his dad told him!! He stayed away from all thsi.. He was also okay with looks!!
Naturally as every human GUY, he too wanted to be like other guy..COOL..SMART..WEAR LOW WAIST JEANS..
BECOME A ROCKSTAR..AS "GIRLS" are attracted by these things...
He too feel in love and then the old story..He was serious..The girl was'nt...BREAKUP!!
SAD FACES!! etc..etc...
The effects of DEVD surrounded his mind!! Started DRINKING...!!!
(It's funny though WHY PEOPLE START DRINKING..I mean DRINK LOT OF WATER..That's also drinking..
Lots of water makes your skin glow and there is another chance for ANOTHER GIRL)...
Not making fun of EMOSSIONAL Ronit.. When ever He drank he cried!!
I mean no one cares~!! There were his friends to tell him..
Meanwhile the one good thing he did was...He never let his GRADE/MARKS come down!!
That's the reason why his family trusted him!!
After this...He saw his friends smoking...Some of them even passing to him for A PUFF....But He was adamant not to indulge in this!!
In his third semesters He started SMOKING...!! as he got influenced by every friend of his!!
Then the next semester took him to DRUGS...marijuana..(GANJA)!!
Each puff he took... damaged millions of his brain cells!!
So all the "whatever" thing he never tasted were now his daily stuffs!!
See the change.... His face..His health started to show his deeds!!
Studies too detoriated......!!
He could not learn things properly..!! The Marijuana effect...!!!
His parents got to know this... Can any one ever know what must have felt to those parents who must
have seen his son in such state...!!
They were helplesss...
One day they got a call from from POLICE that "THEIR SON WAS FOUND DEAD"...
He crashed the bike at high speed.. Tests proved HE WAS DRUNK with DRUGS CONSUMPTION!!
story ended!!

Can any one of us imagine the pain that those parents had to undergo...Each moment they live is each moment they die with
that grief...!!
I mean NO ONE GOES THE WAY HE COMES.. had RONIT been the same way he came to this worls...HE WOULD
HAVE CERTAINLY LIVED more..moree...more and.....more!!
We blame sometimes that IT WAS WRITTEN...We blame the destiny....Why don't we blame us???
It was the fault of Ronit!!
Not a REAL MAN!! He left his parents in grief!!
Every grief teaches us something but that does not mean that a person starts slowly too kill him...GIRLS????
Think about your parents....!! Who is more important...??
Every one has to undergo lods of problems/tensions...You have to be brave..
Those influences from your friend to try SMOKING..Should be strictly rejected..each time they pass a ciggerate to you..!!
Live in this world to enjoy.... These things leads us to no where!!
It feels terrible to see your friends doing and still keeping quite...beacuse they are not interested in listening to your
Just say no to DRUGS and ALCOHOLS!! Sometime drinking is justifiable...But that sometime shouls not lead to regular!!
Though even that "sometime" is bad!!
Wish who ever is reading my blog should make his mind clear ...NEVER TO TRY THESE THINGS!!
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