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nature91 :- Into unknown(day#18 of 91)

Into the unknown.......
When i saw you in me
You said it's not same with me
When i said i love you
You said i hate you

But now my faith in you is fading
And heading into some unknown thing

Parameters :-
Camera :- Canon E1000d
F-stop :- f/4
Exposure time :- 1/8sec
ISO speed :- ISO-800
F-Length :- 12mm
Max aperture :- 4
Color Representation :- sRGB
Resolution :- 180dpi(horizontal) / 180dpi(vertical)

TO my beloved........


Am so happy for you
For your life is happy now
Am so angry on you
Because you started seeing me low

My life is in dust
Ruins and like mist

I wanted you for the whole of my life
But you didn’t accept me for a single moment for your life

But one thing girl
I hate the way you lie
Even though it made you cry
And you hate the way I love
I still don’t know why

Now got I got no word
Not even a single syllable
Because I have no mouth to speak
No ears to hear
Not even an eye to see
And even a face because am dead

Just to see you smile
 And to make you happy
Just to hear you whisper
In your guys ear
The word I wanted to hear……

For thee i R.I.P      -Your beloved

TO My FrIenD ThAt Am MissSiNg................!! :(

Many days are yet to come
And many years are yet to pass
Now that we are apart
I can see you in my solitary heart

Disasters are there to happen
Everything happened is just for our sake
Violence is built to last. But,
I will never forget you in my course

Beware of the teenage drug…!
Experienced is saying just for your own goodness
Zeus even fell in love it seems
According to me it’s all trash
Wish I were there in front you
As a friend when you are in hermitical place
Divinity is only in god’s way! No,
An exception is our eternal friendship I say.

                                                                                        -jaynth busi
  (Written to my best friend whom am missing now
           Her name is hidden in the poem. Say it if you can!!!)

AwAiTInG For RaIn...............


awaiting with a million eyes
for just a water of rain
but cant even see a sight
of a small cloud

Its life
not a movie

photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography  

DonT EvEr ThInk LiKe ThiS................!!

10 things you should not say when you are in depression...!

1.    Am Worthless and would be better off dead.
2.   I have no value and no meaningful purpose for being here.
3.   I’ll never amount to anything.
4.   No one loves or cares for me.
5.   My situation is hopeless. I see no way out but to die.
6.   I’m stupid, I’m dumb, I’m ugly.
7.   Life doesn’t love me.
8.   Life is the pits.
9.   My future is hopeless.
1 0.   Nobody can help me.

Guys I experienced the worst situations in life… so, am saying you all that never ever think of you in a negative way……… whatever happens is just for our sake only…

And SUCIDE is not the answer for your depression.! It’s a coward thing… stand up and jump the walls of depression. You’ll land in the world of happiness……
                                                -Jaynth busi
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