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Hidden meaning

In the lands of blue and red and voilet I lie
With my eyes open so red, In happiness I cry
Laughing like a kid, in the snow so white
I set my limits and here!, I start my flight

Like the smoke from the burning plants from lands up high
Up in the clouds I could'nt see any thing, but I still fly
As I breath in clouds, the air so pure
In the lands of heaven, this made my lungs cure

Like the acid on litmus, from blue to red
Sweet in the water, my stomach got fed
Drenched in happiness, my smile never ended
25 to life, it is what all I always wanted

P.s : most of the people will understand... what I meant ;)

5 days and 60,000/- rupees .....!!!

Hi guys...!
How are you all?

Am bit busy with my life...

Yes, After a long time i'm enjoying my life...
Also now i'm going to write an incident in my life that happened 20days ago...

My college ANUCAP got chance for hosting Zonal-NASA(National Association of Students of Architecture)
For that convention i was really exicted and really proud to be a student of a host college

But that convention made me more sad than happy.. guess why?
It's just due to my mistake... I know people have SHORT TEMPER, MEMORY  LOSS and LAZINESS
But these three things taught me a lesson in my life that i can never forget

I can't say in words when i 1st reacted when my brother used my laptop when i said him not to... he didn't listen... The short temper thing suddenly made me mad... i jst closed my laptop with dirty speed.. "F***... the screen got cracked... My 1st laptop, my 1st crush to gadgets... and now insane" were the words that were in my mind at that time... totally 5000/-

In 10mins while taking my camera out in that angry mood it dropped....! tears drpopped from my eyes... i cried... i literally cried...!! " Jesus WTF! is going on with me" My canon EOS1000d with 18-55 lens 22,000/-

Next i got camera from my well wisher and took it to the convention...! along with that i took all the essentials of mine... like iPod, Sprints, etc., etc.,

The convention finished my girl friend said break up...! i said OK..!
i forgot my Bag containing all essentials in the college...

Afet 3 days when i took my bag i realised that  lost my iPod... " third time in the month, I'm again in tears"20,000/-
Removed all the clothes and found that another bag of me is missing... " The bag that contains my Sprints... jesus christ i hate my life" 5000/-
Slowly i found that i forgot my DSLR carrier and it's charger in Auto rickshaw...!! "FML!!"5000/-

Now lately i understood that i lost stuff worth 60,000/- in just 5 fucking days..!!

i'm really in dire need of concentration and some other medical shit...!!

Hating my life.....                                                                                                   -Jaynth busi
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