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nature91 :- Rice a.k.a Chaaval.....(day#49 of 91)

Indian rice( Oryza sativa Indica )
It is staple food to nearly half of the India...
Even though in a country with 1.1billion population i really am very sad to say that not even half of the population in our country is starving for the food...
But am proud to say that my country India's backbone is nothing but farming....

P.S :-  For the people who did'nt eat rice anytime eat Rice with Dried lentils curry along with some ghee...!! umm... you'll forget the world for a minute..!!

Parameters :-
Camera :- Canon E1000d
F-Stop :- f/2
Exposure time :- 1/7.3sec.
ISO Speed :- ISO 1200
Focal length :- 7mm
Max aperture :- 3.75
Representation :- sRGB
Resolution :- 180dpi(horizontal) / 180dpi(vertical)

P.S :- Post posted under Nature91
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