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The christmas season......!! merriest days in the year

The Christmas celebrations

To say frankly guys Christmas is the only festival that is celebrated by our family to its merriest extent………!
                         All the relatives from different parts of the state come to our village. To say in a word that village is like a heaven for all of us city dwellers..!
                         As there is a saying in India “every city starts in a village “it’s true really though in our big cities we live nearby we never greet each other even on roads. But these village people are really the most beautiful and kindhearted people in the whole of this country of over a 1.2billion
                       We have our 5 grandpa’s residing in that village in five nearby right-angle locations………!!!
Ok let’s start our 4 day trip to our village in our village
Day 1 (23rd December):-
All the relatives nearly come to the village with their families and kids. That day is the most awaiting day because everyone in our relatives from different parts of the world turn to a small village nearly 1% to the size of Manhattan…!!
By the night of 23rd every one arrives to the one of the 5 different locations in the village……!! And by night we all meet-up in all the houses and greet each other with fun and love…! And in the night most of don’t sleep…! We start eating sugarcanes (that’s main part) and the non-veggies (varying from chicken to beef)
Day 2 (24th December):-
It’s the really awaited day because everyone in our family WILL arrive on that day. And then we the youngsters seeing each other after nearly months (some after years) have some fun being with each other and the elder people start discussing about their problems and politics and etc., boring stuff………! And the women(more precise) cook the most delicious food on planet…! By afternoon we fill our stomachs with chicken things…! Then till night these girls do their makeup things like mehendi for the festival awaiting.
We actually should go to the church at night but I never went to the night mass in the church! There will be a chariot that is ridden all over the village and stop in-front of every house in the village… singing the carols for the savior Christ.
 Day 3 (December 25th):-
Finally it’s CHRISTMAS…!!!! Still can’t believe that it’s already an year over that we all met ! that day will be like a blink ! just a blink that’s it !!!!
In the morning we go to church and then asusual we go to all the 5 houses and eat in every house (little amounts in each house) then go and start telling about the past experiences that happened in that year…… that evening we all go to the famous “Carmel Martha Church” which there will be possessions from different villages come there……! By 7pm we all reach there lit a candle in the church and then leave for seeing the possessions and local exhibition kind(called tirunalla).
While coming back we buy sugarcanes for each other and take them home and eat the whole night remembering the past year……!
Day 4 (December 26th):-
The Christmas is over :( :( :(
Everyone including us start going to others and saying bye it seems a bit disappointing and very sad for youngsters to leave that village and again go for the cities to run…!
By the evening of that day nearly everyone leaves leaving behind some cool funny warm lovable sad experiences in that village……!
Really now *weeping* I want those 4 days as everyday in my life
Missing all of my relatives especially my 5 lovable aunties, kumar mama
                                                                                        -jaynth busi
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