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Boomed like a lightening of a thousand suns
touched for the 1st time your lips on mine
from the tip stimulating all my nerves
my eyes left closed feeling so insane

sweet was the moment i imagined
gone was the love i expected
memories were the things that kept hanging
on the wall of my heart that burning

abided in the deepest places of my soul
were only you and you but nothing at all
mistake if done could'av been forgiven
but left me and went away in this hell forbidden


nothing but tears even they get over some day
but getting you back is impossible any day
 in our memories i take these 1200 micrograms
sleep well in the trance i lay in your dreams

dont know when will i regan myself back
will i or never is also a question mark
darkness over the day makes me feel more sad
that another day is lost thinking about you I feel bad

Searched were the places where you come and go
met were the people whom you talk and know
no use but a thing im happy is for
atleast you are happy like a diamond forever...

Forgive me.....

Broken is my heart into million pieces
Burnt is my body into billion ashes
Even then my soul keeps breathing
Juz for the dears forgiveness its waiting
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