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nature91 :- Macro of a BARK....(day#42 of 91)

Macro of a bark....

Don't you find it like an Arial view of hills and valleys?!
To say exactly these outer layer of barks give the enormous protection to the inner layers of the bark

Camera :- Canon EOS 5D with 70-300mm lens

Can't provide more information because the EXIF values are not there with me... :(

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nature91 :- Bird sanctuary(day#5 of 91)

Bird sanctuary in vandalur-Chennai
For this i used Canon e1000d and manipulated it using M.S.Word

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DaD The ArChitEcT Of My LiFe...........


Of all the men in the whole wide world
Whose praises are sung out loud,
There is no man whom I respect more
Or of whom I am more proud.
Throughout the years you’ve worked so hard
to provide us a happy life;
you’ve been there to help and give advice,
and you did it all without strife.
You are a source of strength and of support
Right from the very start.
A constant readiness to help
in a kind and thoughtful way.
With encouragement and forgiveness
No matter what comes your way.
A special generosity and always affection, too

p.s :- got some of the lines from google........

ThoRnS Of CeBiA TrEe................!

Thorns of Cebia tree.......

One of the trees that have thorns on their trunk....
To protect itself from animals.....

photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography 
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