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                                                        After some days, you might ask yourself 
                                                   Did he forget me?


                                                                           you know?

                                              you are not an incident to forget... you're my life


p.s:- after all this wait of ten years have taught me to survive in a hope that you'll be there someday.

                                                                   waiting for that

TO My FrIenD ThAt Am MissSiNg................!! :(

Many days are yet to come
And many years are yet to pass
Now that we are apart
I can see you in my solitary heart

Disasters are there to happen
Everything happened is just for our sake
Violence is built to last. But,
I will never forget you in my course

Beware of the teenage drug…!
Experienced is saying just for your own goodness
Zeus even fell in love it seems
According to me it’s all trash
Wish I were there in front you
As a friend when you are in hermitical place
Divinity is only in god’s way! No,
An exception is our eternal friendship I say.

                                                                                        -jaynth busi
  (Written to my best friend whom am missing now
           Her name is hidden in the poem. Say it if you can!!!)

PoMegrAnTe BuD........!!

pomegranate bud....!

see how awesome it is....... wow ! fell in love with it..!

photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography

The Amazing 5sec’s of my life

            The Amazing 5sec’s of my life

             Like every one even I had a dream of see a shooting star in my early teenage… don’t know the correct exact reason but I used to be very interested in astronomy, Martian exploration, aliens and shooting stars, comets etc., things……!
           When I’m a kid once I heard from one of my friend that “if you see a shooting star and wish something while seeing it your wish will come true”
             I don’t know why the hell I took it serious but I waited every night just to see a shooting star and wish something………

Finally a day came I don’t exactly remember the date but it was some where around February of 2008…
                         We were in the school at that time and the time was nearly 7pm when our teacher said us to out for a break. We all went for playing “hide & seek” and I was sitting lonely on the steps seeing the skies for something to happen… nothing happened for 10 minutes. Our teacher called us back to the class and we started going back to the class room.
                    I was thinking about my “crush” and slowly walking back seeing the skies and talking to other guys…… suddenly the amazing happened…………!!
         “A SHOOTING STAR” I was totally amazed and stood there I saw it for less than 5 seconds……! Amazing 5 seconds… that too I thought about my “crush” seeing that star……!
               Don’t know whether it’s the reason or not we were in a relationship by 2009 ! Hell it didn’t last for more than couple of years and finally got broke-up in 2011. But I think shooting star works for temporary relationships and wishes……
Because, a shooting star lasts for less than 5seconds and wishing in less than 5seconds is nearly impossible……!! And as it is a temporary thing so the wish is fulfilled temporarily
            Whatever guys that was an amazing wonderful and unforgettable thing in my life………
                                                                              -jaynth busi
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