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Prophet of Love : A review

"Prophet of Love" by Farrukh Dhondy

                                Lucullan lifestyle, rolling Rolls-Royce, Western women, sex, meditation and handmaids around. This is the lifestyle of Bhagvan Saket, A young philosopher who turned to a baba by fortune who preaches western people the sexual delusion in spiritual seclusion which he created himself.

Mr. Dhondy himself played the role of an Indian born English journalist who comes to India for an assignment regarding Bhagvan Saket. Pune being the home for both the Author and the character, The way of narration is absolutely perfect. The openness of a west returned Indian can be easily gestured in the 1st sentence of the book itself.

Rahul who was said to be cursed to death on his 7th birthday is sent to a monastery at a very small age. As he did not die on his 7th birthday, his guardian who was asked to kill the young lad, escapes the monastery along with the young lad to the hustle bustle of Delhi where they spend some years and later move to Bombay for a job. Rather to be called destined than cursed Rahul later undergoes some series of unexpected coarse which made him a Bhagvan.

Ma Shanti, Mr. Bhavnani who played a major role in the life of Rahul who already underwent a series of twists and turns right away from his birth. Both of them made a good line for Rahul after their old Guru.

Diamond, who was a twisty character in the whole story with husband and her girl child in saket and another character praful, both of them helped a lot in the investigation of the Saket.

"Sex" played a complicated role in the novel, and yea it is an "A" rated for its abusive language but a must read!

Not an on the go but a very good novel. Actually the writer mirrored the exact situation in not all but some of the Ashrams in India. the way author described the things his way of narration had gave a clear visualization for the readers and yea, yet another book completed :|

Finally i conclude that this is  especially for the people who are interested in narrative fiction. the way Dhondy narrated every small thing was really good. and the real time point of the story is a big plus and boost.

Rating : 3.2/5

Book : Prophet of Love
Author : Farrukh Dhondy
Publisher : Harper Collins
Price : 299/- (INR)
ISBN-13 : 9789350296677

P.S :- My 1st review on book. and thanking IndiBlogger and Harper Colins publications for giving the free supply of book
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