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What should I say? Ambi Pur made my day!!

Every thing was fine, kept clean and tidy in the home. 

As mom and dad went for a business trip and I was left alone and planned for some thing big... I called up my girl friend and ask her to come for a day-out.

Everything was ready... and I waited for her arrival   

"Honey, i wil be there in 15minutes" texted my girl friend  

With all my excitement, I remembered that I forgot one thing...
The room freshner!!!

I searched all the cup boards and found nothing... Screwed up... I didnt get what to do.  
Rushed down to the store near by and I got "Ambi Pur Air Effects Sweet Citrus & Zest Aerosol Air Freshener"

Thank god... in just a minute, I can smell the sweetness of citrus in the air... all around
As I was feeling the freshness in the air, someone rang the bell It was my girl!! 

As she entered, "wow! Why is it so good, pleasant and sweet in your home jay?" Were the true words that were that she spoke...

What should I say? "Ambi Pur, you made my day!!!"

P.s : post was written under IndiBlogger contest for "Ambi pur Smelly to Smiley" contest
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