23, jan...

It was 6.30am, all I thought was to get out...

Nothing felt right to me... i was struck in a school ive never liked and I never liked from from there after...  "IT RUINED MY LIFE"

As the time flew by 6.45, I finally took a 100 and started cycling towards the railway station.

As I pedelled, sweat showered my face like if it is real
Everything wasnt fine as I thought, it was heart breaking!
Life aint gonna be easy, but infront there was a goal
Parked my bicycle, I knew I never will be regretting!

"A ticket to hyderabad, please" as I asked, the woman in the seat felt quite amazed seeing a child buying such a long journey ticket!
"78 and the change!" As she was busy with her work!
As I waited for the train to arrive, hours passed and I sat on the bench till 1pm in the afternoon..

As I entered the train, I really started wanting to get back to home and cry as loud as possible... I never wanted to go to that shool again... but the thought of showing world, my success... though I never had a clarity on what im going to do from the very night itself...!

As I sat by a window, there were a family sitting opposite me and an old man beside me.. I had all y books in the school bag and im traveling to a place, 5 hours away! It felt really bad for me as everyone saw the bag which I never wanted them to. I was left with nothing by evenig and as the train reached the town, I started asking myself why did I even do that! I travelled somewhere in city bus and I was lost..

As the hunger fed my brain, it felt like vertigo... and as I paused for a moment, I was left with a rupee and infront was a coin box...


Isnt it an apt ending? Rather ending up in roads?
Why will it even happen to someone...!


SpRinG! OnCe AgaIn

As the doom turned dawn
Everything seemed calm
But with a broken heart
Turned the history into an art

As the ink flew down the paper
The words became a choir
Like a painting, pristine and old
Memories flooded the entire board

And there entered a beauty sublime
Not yet again, the inside started to scream
Never again, kept and calm and broken
Yet never knew, it happened once again
Once, and promised it will never repeat the same

As they say "ship can sail without crew"
Niether the mind nor soul is true
Only the heart, As it took time to recover
Like the firmament above, its forever

For the one who care, waited so long
Time has come and here I sing a song

P.S :- To someone who finally exisit! :D
          Dwell in the city of thrones my princess!
After a long time!

double trifle in the melanine which is aweful!

god gave us some lime, some rum, some strawberries, sweet sugar and vanilla. along with some borosil's melanine, we can make this dish quiver!

As, the de stalked strawberries release their juices along with the melted sugar under the gentle heat of a pan, take a bowl and whip some snow white cream along with some vanilla seeds 

as the aroma begin, stir the cream with some yogurt.
now take out the limoncello dipped rum babas 
As we put the juicy strawberries over the rum babas in the borosil's melamine, the cream be filled around along with custard and a dash of mint  our mouth watering trifle will end perfectly in this rain!

that's it! do try this double trifle in the borosil's melanine which is aweful!

p.s :- post written for borosil indiblogger contest  http://www.myborosil.com/

A waIt FoR lOve...

As she opened her book of love, petals of roses flew with the breeze outside.
Her eyes filled with emotions
Memories stormed her mind
Happiness tingled her instincts
Love spread the sweet fragrance
Hatred squeezed her wrist

As she turned the pages, she felt that affection... she gently touched every word... every letter
People she lost but not their words
Time she lost but not the memories
Love she lost but not the heart
Hate she left but not the impact

As the wind stopped blowing, she closed her treasure and stood still in the nature...
The clouds went dark, her eyes filled with tears
She opened her arms, she was hugged by the dry leaves
She turned around fast, she experienced vertigo
Fell on her knees, her nerves went breaking
It rained.... and no one could see her crying...

P.s :- Some stories are so awesome that we think about them
        Some are so beautiful that we dream about them
       Some are so related that we involve in them

p.c : google


Deep inside burried was a sorrow of mine
Not even the medicine couldnt treat it fine
Been to the finest doctors in town
But surgery was the only option they have known

25 days of hell they said in advance
Pleaded to everyone but there is not a chance
Seeing my parents cry for me was the scene now
Now i feel somethings cant be made with millions of dough

God why have you choosen me for this?
because i wanted to be in peace?
Take my soul rather than this month of hell
Im not ready for this. Better take me as well

Been three months already and still a month more?
My studies, my future all are broken down four..
And now another month of intense pain?
Trust me im more ready to lay lame

Tears come as I write these lines
Not in agony but in fear thats extended miles...

P.s : with pain power zillion
        Needed some prayers :(

A cHanCe oNcE AgAiN!!!

Reclaimed the glory, my land
Once prosper enough to be a country
Yet withstood in the shameless terriory
Where money claimed to be the power not the people
Now that we got our territory back to rest
Lets rule! Lets build! Lets prosper our divine past
R.I.P the souls of our brothers who sacrificed
The day has come, we got our freedom back from the doomed


I truly respect the people of telangana for getting their own state...

To my love...

It's been wonderfulnthroughout my life. I have got everything that I liked most of them rebeled. But there lies one thing that I have never got. No one could even help me getting it....

For that most special lady out there...
Most beautiful one that dragged me the entire life...

          This blog belongs to you. This entire work... every single letter just mean you. You know? The day I was getting tattoed I literally made up my mind... I just not love but live for you. And eery single time the needle peirced, it was just you on my mind. Thats very weird to say even I had girl friends althrough this period, everyone knew that you were my first preference and they were next. I liked you that way. I respect you, and thats the reason why I even stayed away from you. Even now! I wanna give away all my courage to come before you. But I dont dare... because I want all my 10 years of wait to be ended in a beautiful saga and Im not in a position to accept the bitter truth. As you said, I will one day speak to your mom about us. Trust me! And I always even knew that you faked that you had someone. And you accepted it. I will come please TRUST me!

P.S :- I love you


A Dream....

As the night fell down misty and cold

I woke up as the time was running bold

In the dreams as I woke up, I was alive

But every dusk has a dawn, and thats not a lie

Quick like a second it vanished through the head

And I forgot where I lost myself in that heavenly shed

Here I wanna show that I forgot the dream completely... and nothing is there left to make poetic.... :)

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