double trifle in the melanine which is aweful!

god gave us some lime, some rum, some strawberries, sweet sugar and vanilla. along with some borosil's melanine, we can make this dish quiver!

As, the de stalked strawberries release their juices along with the melted sugar under the gentle heat of a pan, take a bowl and whip some snow white cream along with some vanilla seeds 

as the aroma begin, stir the cream with some yogurt.
now take out the limoncello dipped rum babas 
As we put the juicy strawberries over the rum babas in the borosil's melamine, the cream be filled around along with custard and a dash of mint  our mouth watering trifle will end perfectly in this rain!

that's it! do try this double trifle in the borosil's melanine which is aweful!

p.s :- post written for borosil indiblogger contest

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