A waIt FoR lOve...

As she opened her book of love, petals of roses flew with the breeze outside.
Her eyes filled with emotions
Memories stormed her mind
Happiness tingled her instincts
Love spread the sweet fragrance
Hatred squeezed her wrist

As she turned the pages, she felt that affection... she gently touched every word... every letter
People she lost but not their words
Time she lost but not the memories
Love she lost but not the heart
Hate she left but not the impact

As the wind stopped blowing, she closed her treasure and stood still in the nature...
The clouds went dark, her eyes filled with tears
She opened her arms, she was hugged by the dry leaves
She turned around fast, she experienced vertigo
Fell on her knees, her nerves went breaking
It rained.... and no one could see her crying...

P.s :- Some stories are so awesome that we think about them
        Some are so beautiful that we dream about them
       Some are so related that we involve in them

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