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Friendship, A tribute.

Fish without the water may survive
Rain without the rainbow may arrive
In the dark woods in the solace you be with me
Every time, every where around me
No possession, not even a diamond what so ever
Dont mean any thing, 'cz you are my friend forever

P.S: dated august 4th, 2013
       Dedicated to abhilash sharaf, chatty and all others

Post by chatty...


Couple of hours back, I got a courier from a friend who was dead a week ago. And shocked.

It was a letter enclosed in his personal dairy. Stating that it was the thing he has as his own property. And his letter was like this

             Bro, you have been the best buddy all through my life. And I ignored you. I hurted you and I was not honest to you. But you never gave a damn to all those, rather you gave me hope in everything. But you know all through my life I wanted someone to love me. It came like  stroke to my heart. But went like a wind passing bh. I cant take this life any more. And I want all these poems and stories I wrote on my blog. And hope she reads it once.
          Hope all the best for your success. And I know you'l come to see me once before I will be buried. Thanks in advance for that.


Jay, il fulfill all of your dreams. Bro your's is mine. And I love you bro. I will blog for you daily, fulfill your dreams and make your soul rest in peace. Be with me all the time...helping me, protecting me.

He didnt ask me to post this one. But hope jay's things will be forever. Chatty.

Am sorry... :'(

You Know I hate quarreling with you
And I expect the same with you
Don’t know why am in this solitude
Just to say I can’t be with you?

I say yes, but my heart says no
Only because without you I can’t move
Why don’t you call me?
If it’s the attitude that’s killing
Then take a knife and sue me

Without you my life won’t be lonely
But I guarantee you that It won’t be complete
I just want to say you to remember one thing
The song, we wrote and the fights we fought
The texts we did and the prayers we prayed
Will not just end in one day
But it takes a life time for me to regret the mistakes I did

Shut up da, I know you want to speak
But then why do you wait for me to poke?
I’m shy to do it all the time
People start thinking I’m torturing you.
 Waiting for your one little poke
Will wait and wait until I can’t resist…
I know you’ll definitely will
Awaiting your reply here I stand still….

CuTiE WhItE FloWeRs......................!!

Three beautiful flowers....
how cute are they
even in the darkness they reflect themselves white

we have to learn a lesson from this picture...
"even in a world with dark souls the good ones shine"

photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography 

TO My FrIenD ThAt Am MissSiNg................!! :(

Many days are yet to come
And many years are yet to pass
Now that we are apart
I can see you in my solitary heart

Disasters are there to happen
Everything happened is just for our sake
Violence is built to last. But,
I will never forget you in my course

Beware of the teenage drug…!
Experienced is saying just for your own goodness
Zeus even fell in love it seems
According to me it’s all trash
Wish I were there in front you
As a friend when you are in hermitical place
Divinity is only in god’s way! No,
An exception is our eternal friendship I say.

                                                                                        -jaynth busi
  (Written to my best friend whom am missing now
           Her name is hidden in the poem. Say it if you can!!!)
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