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The beat #HaikuHighTimes

As the beat dropped
Heart beat raised
Springed like a kid, I jumped

Life is music. Blue sometimes, beat sometimes
#Haiku #DigitalArt

P.s : digital art dedicated to all the dj's who drops the beat suddenly..

Appangal embadum, A song to Listen

3rd, August

Some songs are good
Some are favourite
And some rock our hearts

And this song from "ustaad hotel" was one among the songs "that rock"

Appangal embadum ottakku chuttammayi
Ammayi chuttathu marumonukkayi

Search on google for its translation! "No!! You cant find a translation"

Ask your malayali friend for translation "his eyes wil turn wide and expression less"

But listen to song.... you wont leave it.

One good song that I will keep on my playlist forever.

A song that says about the "mother in law"!!
Her love towards "son in law"!!
Her "appam making business"!!

Even writing this I hav looped through that song for nearly 15 times. A real ear catching song!

P.s : posted by chatty.
        Even I loved the way the song was composed and the music.

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