My Cute PiNkiE........!

Till the Moment I get plucked
I will be with you, I swear
I love you……….

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Dont Get DopEd ......!! LiFe Is ValUblE

Whenever I see a child or a kid...I feel these are the best time...
1.Freely moving..
2.All the LOVE from every one as they have the KILLER weapon "TEARS"..
3.Spoon feeding from MOM..the best!!
They are unaware of these words!!
As they start growing... They are engrossed in STUDIES...To come first, second and live up to the expectations of parents!!
Parents who do every thing for us!! We reward their sacrifices with our marks and character!!
It's RESPONSIBILITIES that come to them!! They start knowing all about it!!
Now, Why am I writing this???
I being a college student myself knows how it feels like!!!
Marks/Grades the first thing in our mind!!
"Whatever" "we" do GRADES/MARKS always there in some part of our thinking machine!!
By "Whatever" I mean:
4.DRUGS etc..etc!!
Please NOTE:
The "Whatever" thing is very injurious for HEALTH and is certainly a barrier for your success toward your achieving "WEALTH"..
and "we" does not mean EVERY COLLEGE STUDENTS does the "Whatever"thing.... but majority do!!!

As, I have already made it clear that it's THE RESPONSIBILITY which thrives us to do good..I mean BEST!!
It takes the best out of us!!
STUDIES our RESPONSIBILITY and we gotta do it for our PARENTS!!
Cummon, I am not being a diplomat...We do study for our PARENTS not for us.... But YES...we enjoy the fruits
made out from our DEGREES!!
So, I'm a college student... Seen every kind of student... Just Why did I start my blog with A child/kid related thing!!
A small baby comes in this world...lives.....grows...and then.. perishes after learning something or the other..
A child is hearty feelings..cries whn needed....that's it!!
Same as a college student!! A student comes to college to learn something..Not only studies..make his/her
personality...carve a better person out of him/her..

Ronit was a student who came to do his B-Tech from a well known college...
He was free from all the "whatever" thing when he entered the college!!
His DAD being an engineer himself told him one thing before Ronit left for college,
"Son, You will get to learn a lot of things apart from your studies in the college. See to it that THE WAY YOU CAME SHOULD
His DAD was very true with his words.. He was the only child of his parents!!
As soon as he entered college...He saw all kinds of students beside him..
But he always remembered what his dad told him!! He stayed away from all thsi.. He was also okay with looks!!
Naturally as every human GUY, he too wanted to be like other guy..COOL..SMART..WEAR LOW WAIST JEANS..
BECOME A ROCKSTAR..AS "GIRLS" are attracted by these things...
He too feel in love and then the old story..He was serious..The girl was'nt...BREAKUP!!
SAD FACES!! etc..etc...
The effects of DEVD surrounded his mind!! Started DRINKING...!!!
(It's funny though WHY PEOPLE START DRINKING..I mean DRINK LOT OF WATER..That's also drinking..
Lots of water makes your skin glow and there is another chance for ANOTHER GIRL)...
Not making fun of EMOSSIONAL Ronit.. When ever He drank he cried!!
I mean no one cares~!! There were his friends to tell him..
Meanwhile the one good thing he did was...He never let his GRADE/MARKS come down!!
That's the reason why his family trusted him!!
After this...He saw his friends smoking...Some of them even passing to him for A PUFF....But He was adamant not to indulge in this!!
In his third semesters He started SMOKING...!! as he got influenced by every friend of his!!
Then the next semester took him to DRUGS...marijuana..(GANJA)!!
Each puff he took... damaged millions of his brain cells!!
So all the "whatever" thing he never tasted were now his daily stuffs!!
See the change.... His face..His health started to show his deeds!!
Studies too detoriated......!!
He could not learn things properly..!! The Marijuana effect...!!!
His parents got to know this... Can any one ever know what must have felt to those parents who must
have seen his son in such state...!!
They were helplesss...
One day they got a call from from POLICE that "THEIR SON WAS FOUND DEAD"...
He crashed the bike at high speed.. Tests proved HE WAS DRUNK with DRUGS CONSUMPTION!!
story ended!!

Can any one of us imagine the pain that those parents had to undergo...Each moment they live is each moment they die with
that grief...!!
I mean NO ONE GOES THE WAY HE COMES.. had RONIT been the same way he came to this worls...HE WOULD
HAVE CERTAINLY LIVED more..moree...more and.....more!!
We blame sometimes that IT WAS WRITTEN...We blame the destiny....Why don't we blame us???
It was the fault of Ronit!!
Not a REAL MAN!! He left his parents in grief!!
Every grief teaches us something but that does not mean that a person starts slowly too kill him...GIRLS????
Think about your parents....!! Who is more important...??
Every one has to undergo lods of problems/tensions...You have to be brave..
Those influences from your friend to try SMOKING..Should be strictly rejected..each time they pass a ciggerate to you..!!
Live in this world to enjoy.... These things leads us to no where!!
It feels terrible to see your friends doing and still keeping quite...beacuse they are not interested in listening to your
Just say no to DRUGS and ALCOHOLS!! Sometime drinking is justifiable...But that sometime shouls not lead to regular!!
Though even that "sometime" is bad!!
Wish who ever is reading my blog should make his mind clear ...NEVER TO TRY THESE THINGS!!

The 1st rays of sun !

Till the sun rises in the east
And the seas roars near the shores
I love you.........

TO My Lonley HeArT

Oh baby !

My life is twisted
trapped and squeezed
without your love
My heart is snapped

Come unto me
Where you belong
And together we’ll be
Like a tuned song

Let our hearts come
Together as one
And leave it at that
And it will be done

Girl you’re my angel
My soul my all
For thee I wait
Just for a single call

My heart continues to be
Snapped squeezed and twisted
And without your love
My heart is still snapped

The Amazing 5sec’s of my life

            The Amazing 5sec’s of my life

             Like every one even I had a dream of see a shooting star in my early teenage… don’t know the correct exact reason but I used to be very interested in astronomy, Martian exploration, aliens and shooting stars, comets etc., things……!
           When I’m a kid once I heard from one of my friend that “if you see a shooting star and wish something while seeing it your wish will come true”
             I don’t know why the hell I took it serious but I waited every night just to see a shooting star and wish something………

Finally a day came I don’t exactly remember the date but it was some where around February of 2008…
                         We were in the school at that time and the time was nearly 7pm when our teacher said us to out for a break. We all went for playing “hide & seek” and I was sitting lonely on the steps seeing the skies for something to happen… nothing happened for 10 minutes. Our teacher called us back to the class and we started going back to the class room.
                    I was thinking about my “crush” and slowly walking back seeing the skies and talking to other guys…… suddenly the amazing happened…………!!
         “A SHOOTING STAR” I was totally amazed and stood there I saw it for less than 5 seconds……! Amazing 5 seconds… that too I thought about my “crush” seeing that star……!
               Don’t know whether it’s the reason or not we were in a relationship by 2009 ! Hell it didn’t last for more than couple of years and finally got broke-up in 2011. But I think shooting star works for temporary relationships and wishes……
Because, a shooting star lasts for less than 5seconds and wishing in less than 5seconds is nearly impossible……!! And as it is a temporary thing so the wish is fulfilled temporarily
            Whatever guys that was an amazing wonderful and unforgettable thing in my life………
                                                                              -jaynth busi

The christmas season......!! merriest days in the year

The Christmas celebrations

To say frankly guys Christmas is the only festival that is celebrated by our family to its merriest extent………!
                         All the relatives from different parts of the state come to our village. To say in a word that village is like a heaven for all of us city dwellers..!
                         As there is a saying in India “every city starts in a village “it’s true really though in our big cities we live nearby we never greet each other even on roads. But these village people are really the most beautiful and kindhearted people in the whole of this country of over a 1.2billion
                       We have our 5 grandpa’s residing in that village in five nearby right-angle locations………!!!
Ok let’s start our 4 day trip to our village in our village
Day 1 (23rd December):-
All the relatives nearly come to the village with their families and kids. That day is the most awaiting day because everyone in our relatives from different parts of the world turn to a small village nearly 1% to the size of Manhattan…!!
By the night of 23rd every one arrives to the one of the 5 different locations in the village……!! And by night we all meet-up in all the houses and greet each other with fun and love…! And in the night most of don’t sleep…! We start eating sugarcanes (that’s main part) and the non-veggies (varying from chicken to beef)
Day 2 (24th December):-
It’s the really awaited day because everyone in our family WILL arrive on that day. And then we the youngsters seeing each other after nearly months (some after years) have some fun being with each other and the elder people start discussing about their problems and politics and etc., boring stuff………! And the women(more precise) cook the most delicious food on planet…! By afternoon we fill our stomachs with chicken things…! Then till night these girls do their makeup things like mehendi for the festival awaiting.
We actually should go to the church at night but I never went to the night mass in the church! There will be a chariot that is ridden all over the village and stop in-front of every house in the village… singing the carols for the savior Christ.
 Day 3 (December 25th):-
Finally it’s CHRISTMAS…!!!! Still can’t believe that it’s already an year over that we all met ! that day will be like a blink ! just a blink that’s it !!!!
In the morning we go to church and then asusual we go to all the 5 houses and eat in every house (little amounts in each house) then go and start telling about the past experiences that happened in that year…… that evening we all go to the famous “Carmel Martha Church” which there will be possessions from different villages come there……! By 7pm we all reach there lit a candle in the church and then leave for seeing the possessions and local exhibition kind(called tirunalla).
While coming back we buy sugarcanes for each other and take them home and eat the whole night remembering the past year……!
Day 4 (December 26th):-
The Christmas is over :( :( :(
Everyone including us start going to others and saying bye it seems a bit disappointing and very sad for youngsters to leave that village and again go for the cities to run…!
By the evening of that day nearly everyone leaves leaving behind some cool funny warm lovable sad experiences in that village……!
Really now *weeping* I want those 4 days as everyday in my life
Missing all of my relatives especially my 5 lovable aunties, kumar mama
                                                                                        -jaynth busi

My Intro......... Dont lol

Ok people first let me introduce me to the world of blogging..........

Well am not new to blogging but i was like totally bored blogging and left it 3years ago

Ok now straight to the point......

Am Mr. Abou Jaynth Busi

And am not like all the other teenagers 
i mean i have a very different feeling towards life.....!
You know i'm too over matured for my age as i did nearly everything by now (i'm 18 now)

And my whole life is nearly filled with too-much emotions which you'll understand in up-coming days as you read my blog...

And i stopped my engineering graduation in between and now looking forward to do architecture graduation in my most fav city Madras

Then coming to my passions what makes me keep alive are 5 things they are
1. Kutty
2. I-Pod
3. My notebook
5. Poetry and Rap

And coming to my personal life My parents mean a lot to me.
they saved me from every situation i faced till now...

What ever am also kind of bright, witty, funky, groovy, talented, smart, but too IDIOTIC and STUPID !!

Follow my photographies on jaynthbusi-photography

And Ya Keep watching It's just begun ! "PICTURE BAAKI HI BHAI" !!

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