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Hasta la victoria siempre...

Started oozing the love of mine
I lay here with nothing but pain
As I keep on remembering all my life
There were nothing but tears and grief

Some more minutes and I know am gonna leave this world
Fly like an angel to the heavens which cant be sold
Pushing myself free from this planet of uncertainity
Let my death make you confirm that I love you till that infinity

You made my heart rupture with a thorn
And I made my soul free so that I can again be born
Not like a looser the next time I will be
But like a knight with a sharp sword il let you free

Blood you see in this and love I see
Desperate you say and for respect I say
Not all the dreams come true what so ever
But till victory I live forever

Now me, may be you tomorrow
But let there be one for you that can be in sorrow
Seizing this moment here I close my eyes
Think again before you open my dairy once

Oh my dear, here im invisible
Always by your side seeing you I cremble
Played and lost the game of love thats inevitable
Accepted the loss im undenaiable

P.s :- This post is dedicated to all the people who couldnt get their love and suicided... R.I.P your souls

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