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SpRinG! OnCe AgaIn

As the doom turned dawn
Everything seemed calm
But with a broken heart
Turned the history into an art

As the ink flew down the paper
The words became a choir
Like a painting, pristine and old
Memories flooded the entire board

And there entered a beauty sublime
Not yet again, the inside started to scream
Never again, kept and calm and broken
Yet never knew, it happened once again
Once, and promised it will never repeat the same

As they say "ship can sail without crew"
Niether the mind nor soul is true
Only the heart, As it took time to recover
Like the firmament above, its forever

For the one who care, waited so long
Time has come and here I sing a song

P.S :- To someone who finally exisit! :D
          Dwell in the city of thrones my princess!
After a long time!


Deep inside burried was a sorrow of mine
Not even the medicine couldnt treat it fine
Been to the finest doctors in town
But surgery was the only option they have known

25 days of hell they said in advance
Pleaded to everyone but there is not a chance
Seeing my parents cry for me was the scene now
Now i feel somethings cant be made with millions of dough

God why have you choosen me for this?
because i wanted to be in peace?
Take my soul rather than this month of hell
Im not ready for this. Better take me as well

Been three months already and still a month more?
My studies, my future all are broken down four..
And now another month of intense pain?
Trust me im more ready to lay lame

Tears come as I write these lines
Not in agony but in fear thats extended miles...

P.s : with pain power zillion
        Needed some prayers :(

A Dream....

As the night fell down misty and cold

I woke up as the time was running bold

In the dreams as I woke up, I was alive

But every dusk has a dawn, and thats not a lie

Quick like a second it vanished through the head

And I forgot where I lost myself in that heavenly shed

Here I wanna show that I forgot the dream completely... and nothing is there left to make poetic.... :)

ChWeEt HeArT!! Listen!!!

Flew like a leaf for the breeze of west
My mind blew into the winds of unknown worlds
As I closed my eyes I laid back to rest
Peace ran in me even in a billion revolts

Emulsified like a carmel your voice is
As it went I feel as if in ecstacy
Every single word, as it reverberated
Touched my heart not my ears felt loved

P.s : - just for my sweet heart...

Love Infinity #HaikuHighTimes

Vast as abysmall
Just for you
I struggle like fall

Some times I feel like waiting years together for a person makes the difference from you to other people who just forget people as simple as that!!

P.S:- still waiting baby...

Random Lines...

Suffed the ecstacy of your love
In dreams where I landed as white as snow
Not so limerant but love in your arms
I can sing not sonnets but psalms

Never so wrong I meant about me
Neither you because half in me you I see
Might not be immotral, but my soul exist
I sing your song, my love without you cant resist


Love #HaikuHighTimes

                                                            Occult so minute
                                                Frozen yet warm
                                               My heart beats for you


Carved to Perfecion...

Emperors passed so the empires confescated
The royalty remained like the virtuous soul untouched
Engraved the names on stone they preserved
Eternity they show, not the flesh its the nature undefeated

                                          Inscriptions regarding the great Maharaja palace of Mysore

Hidden meaning

In the lands of blue and red and voilet I lie
With my eyes open so red, In happiness I cry
Laughing like a kid, in the snow so white
I set my limits and here!, I start my flight

Like the smoke from the burning plants from lands up high
Up in the clouds I could'nt see any thing, but I still fly
As I breath in clouds, the air so pure
In the lands of heaven, this made my lungs cure

Like the acid on litmus, from blue to red
Sweet in the water, my stomach got fed
Drenched in happiness, my smile never ended
25 to life, it is what all I always wanted

P.s : most of the people will understand... what I meant ;)

The beat #HaikuHighTimes

As the beat dropped
Heart beat raised
Springed like a kid, I jumped

Life is music. Blue sometimes, beat sometimes
#Haiku #DigitalArt

P.s : digital art dedicated to all the dj's who drops the beat suddenly..

A Balcony

As you see you find everything weird
People, trees and buildings all around
Its like a mothers womb, I see
Fall down... and you cry in pain
You cry.. and you'll be saved by the doctor
It heals in time... but as times pass by, you can see the scars
You laugh.. only because you're alive
You silent? Youre dead

The other time when I was sitting in my balcony and seeing all the busy world around me, I felt that mother's womb is the only safe place on the planet with no worries and tensions


Lost... #HaikuHighTimes

baffled beyond what I persuaded
Agony, like winter made me cold
death approached like mist 

Just another rumbling nothing much. :)
Haiku is a real small weapon that can make you write wonders, write a single shot sentence which Is deeper thqn the deepest ocean.

What not...

Till the last cell of mine exist
I stay in your heart till I die
Evn in the other world, for you here I await

Even a sand clock can be an element for showing love if you want too... its not about the thing... all it is about the love.

The destiny...

As I moved down the lane of virtue
Looking around searching for rescue
Not from the wounds or scars from the past
From the mankind In search of last resort

Crossed the country side, I still continue
Plains and valleys, in the mist and dew
Safe I feel now, as I eluded from fear
I can feel my heart light, as the winds roar

The road ended up dividing into two
Which one to choose, left with no clue
Is this the life?, I asked my soul
Closed my eyes, I move to the goal

Walked ahead dont know left or right
Miles and miles as the sun shine bright
Fruits and water quench my hunger and thirst
Rest in the dusk, in moon's twilight

Its.. her.!!!

She is awesome.. she is tempting her curves are seductive
Her voice... her lips... they make stop my heart pumping
Her bends and her curves... they are carved from the heavens
Her hair... so thick... black like the darkness
Her eyes... that shine... they are round like pearls
Her skin... so silky.. as I hold her I feel her softness
She sings... she dances... she is my princess
Her feet.. they go pink as they touch the surface
Her appeal... surreal... cant believe its all real...
Her vibe... her spark... it ignites smallest quark
She drools... she moves... that freeze my eyes in time..
Provoke... revoke... she is now a cherokee

paradigm of a paradise..

Flown into the abysmal vastness
In the ocean's boisterousness
Unrestrained exsitence enclosed
As Conferred with the nature Unexposed

everything florid and lively i see
Affectionate serene fauna surrounded me
paradigm of a paradise i seasoned
In astonishment simply Was i Stargazed

Clock ticked Anti clock
heart beat still beating
oculus gazed at sight
soul locked back without facing

                                               google images

 I love diving, exploring, flying, experiencing, jumping.. may be i have that problem of "adrenaline"

P.S :- A scholar's attempt

The choclate RoManCe...

Nestled like a carmel around the choclate
Under the sweet sheets of love and affection
Lying on the bed like a willow of cocoa
I kiss her lips that are carved to perfection

Her skin perfect like the color of mocha
Eyes like shining jade, as she look into mine
Her curves bent like the ship of aloha
Every moment of her, I feel like a saga

Petals of rose drop tears as they see her
Her lips, her cheeks, her sight seem like a mint
Cool as I breath in the freshness of her lavender
Sprayed across her body like a jannet

Her hair soft like the cream from the coco
Black like the darkness over the forest
Blow in strands they touch my face
As I stand infront of her, forgot the rest

Evey curve of her as I touch she cries
Like a breeze she moves acroos my arms
Cuffed her hands she melt like a butter
In the warmth she breathes the romance

P.s :- posted by chatty feom the dairies of #Jay

The Red currants :)

Oh! as my cherubic little plant bear me
Not alone but a bunch of sisters around I be
Red like the lips of your darling, I blossom
From the small bud that grow in autumn

As you see, I look small like a baby's eyes
As you eat, I melt like frozen ice
Making you feel every moment of mine
Like something you can never define

                                            Image : wikipedia

So, small and red I wait for you here
In the rain i drench for freshness you require
Before i get bitten by some worm
Make me yours, in your hands i feel warm

As you eat me for sweet I feel like an angel
I give you boons, you can make me a pretzel
health I give you, as I got many things in  me
don't throw my seed, rather plant and make it a tree

P.S :- Post by chatty... from the dairy of Jay

Friendship, A tribute.

Fish without the water may survive
Rain without the rainbow may arrive
In the dark woods in the solace you be with me
Every time, every where around me
No possession, not even a diamond what so ever
Dont mean any thing, 'cz you are my friend forever

P.S: dated august 4th, 2013
       Dedicated to abhilash sharaf, chatty and all others

Post by chatty...

Sonnet to my jannet

Rushed my blood in the veins like a storm
In this cold winter night, looking into your eyes
As I hold you with my hands, take u in my arm
love filled the air, and silence broke the ice
Like the pearl in the shell, I protect you and I will
Seize you in my love forever, as long as it exist
Like the rainbow for the sky, in your life I fill
Colors of joy, happiness and for every thing you do to me I resist
Beyond the skies, in to the oceans I dive
For you to show that I love you till I die
Hold my hands, il make your deeams come alive
Not a word, not a promise, but just a sigh
Like a princess of athens, and the godess of heavens
You live in my heart and my soul, which are immortal
For you I shall live, for thee you are my greatest of possessions
in this silence and solace, here I commit as my heart babel

P.S : Do comment critics...

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