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A cause...

It was nearly 9.30am and I was just about to start to the college when suddenly I came to know its a strike...

I got a thought.. why do people strike!
For their selfish reasons.?
Are politicians a main cause for the strikes that happen mostly in country?
Whay do people gt by doing strikes?
Why should a common man suffer a lot for just one reason in society?

     Mainly in a country like India, where its impossible to maintain the law and order, these strikes make common man suffer even more. The politicians.. parties.. unions.. caste issues... religious issues.. every thing is a reason for a strike.
   On an average its been proven that less than 5% of the strikes were successful. And more than 90% of the strikes affect the stomach of a common man.
   Politics is a main reason that I think make most of the strikes. These so called "leaders" never "lead" but they became poisonous "lead" for the society. I dont want to critise the leaders. But what they do?

1. Provoke people
2. show them some money or alcohol or some other thing and pull them
3. "Manifesto" which is filled with nothing but things which are impossible!
3. Provoke them with their caste

And if they loose?
Come on... our politicians never had sportive spirit! They strt showing that the ruling party is wrong "always wrong"
If the opposite party gives some rationed provisions to the poor.. they start saying "quality less" rather why dont they help governement in supplying qualitied products?
Why dont they be with the governement and make rulig more safe, secure, useful, and helpful to allclasses of the society.?
No!! Our politicians want power, money and following..
They just can kill people for power, scam money for their off spring and following forntheir survival.

Change! Its just a common word in ourcounty. No one ever changes. Infact yea they change... if some one shows you more money... or gives you a beter thing.

I wanna say allnof you who readnjust one thing.
Change.. this time for god
Change.. our politicians for better society
Change.. our society for beter living
And change living the living just for you :)

I love my country... and hope you also does it.
I may not be able to go and change all... atleast am happy that I changed some of people around me. Start now.. for a better you.. for a better place for your kids.


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