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22 days... edge of beark up... and whispers of love made us live together.... It's "US"


Yesterday i.e., 28th nov, 2011 was the 22nd day of my relationship... and it's the most wonderful night I've ever experienced as a teen with his girl friend on phone...

The reality went like this...

day before yesterday we had a really long night together texting on phone and slept at 4am i guess...
We were normal till the afternoon... she texted "am having luch now break.. did you have?"
I said "Am shopping with cousin and had some chicken"
I got no reply...

In the evening something suddenly went on my mind and all of a while she suddenly said "catcha after a while"

I was literally to say PISSED OFF...!!

Then after an hour she texted me back saying "sorry :( mom was on phone :("
I was so mad(went nuts) that i texted her "call or catch me after every thing gets over. may be we can talk tomorrow or day after, good night"

She texted me back saying "what can i do if dad was on phone with mom?"
I said her "ok listen am not pissed off... am sick, am damn busy. i'll catcha tomorrow. good night. love you(i didn't feel anything while i wrote the above love you. am sorry)"

After 10 minutes i got a text... "you didn't feel what?"

In the mean time i scolded myself for short temper.. wept a while and to forget i made a cut on my palm... it started bleeding...

I replied her "wait a min. hand is bleeding. feeling vertigo"

I really felt loosing her at that instant... i loved her so much and am so stupid to get such angry for such small issue....

Then i called her... she was like crying... i said "am realy sorry for what had happened... and for the 1st time on phone with lottza guts i whispered I LOVE YOU... she said "Po da"(which meant get lost) i again said her sorry and then she said ok.. we'll text... let's not talk now

She texted me back "listen it's just 22nd day of our relationship and you were angry on me? we still have 3000days to get together.. are you sure you can make up with me? im sure i can give up frank. can you?"

we got together really well... and finally it's 12am.. everyone is sleeping in our both the places...
she sleeps with her mom and i sleep alone in my room... so i got some privacy to whisper something.. rather than talking....

She texted me "hey i'll call you and i wont speak... please sing a song for me"
I said i can just whisper...she was like "ok.. whisper i love you... i will call"

Frankly i thought Jeez... what the hell is wrong with us...!! we are alright now...

She called me... i said "i love you"
... then she whispered slowly "say some thing.."
i said "i love you" again...
then she asked me to kiss her through the phone...
i said ok and kissed my phone...
she laughed and said "po da" again...!!
Then she said "love you too..." in such a sweet voice that tears rolled out of my eyes
i said "fuck you" to my self in a low voice and disconnected the call...
and then we texted for some time

She said me that " your voice is ...y"(guess you people know that word :p :p :p)
I said "thank you and your 'love you too...' made my day :p"

We again called and dared whispering on phone...!! we don't know what we spoke... because we spoke something that only love knows...

I love you kutty... i'll never leave you and make you cry...! muahh muuahhh.....!

P.S :- this is just a beginning... I'll let you know what ever happens in my relationship my blog...!! because after my girl friend i love you so much...! :p

My love....

Who are you?
How will you be?

Every night in my dream you make me see
You’re beautiful eyes and that honey dew lips
But never show your beautiful face intact and free
I know you’ll some day
But when and how? Is it going to be my last day?

Want you here right now before me
Your beautiful hair with curls like whirls
With those eyes bright like the blue skies
Holding my hands tight and soft
And you’re voice like a morning breeze
So cool touching my heart
I feel like melting butter

It’s very sad when I think of you
Because I’m missing every moment without you
My bed is lost in sleep and I’m feeling insomniac
Seeing the seasons pass by from past 3years

Am still waiting for you
Searching in every possible way
On the planet and in eternal dreams that I dream
Even in the silence just to here your voice
I stand still here now and forever…

5 days and 60,000/- rupees .....!!!

Hi guys...!
How are you all?

Am bit busy with my life...

Yes, After a long time i'm enjoying my life...
Also now i'm going to write an incident in my life that happened 20days ago...

My college ANUCAP got chance for hosting Zonal-NASA(National Association of Students of Architecture)
For that convention i was really exicted and really proud to be a student of a host college

But that convention made me more sad than happy.. guess why?
It's just due to my mistake... I know people have SHORT TEMPER, MEMORY  LOSS and LAZINESS
But these three things taught me a lesson in my life that i can never forget

I can't say in words when i 1st reacted when my brother used my laptop when i said him not to... he didn't listen... The short temper thing suddenly made me mad... i jst closed my laptop with dirty speed.. "F***... the screen got cracked... My 1st laptop, my 1st crush to gadgets... and now insane" were the words that were in my mind at that time... totally 5000/-

In 10mins while taking my camera out in that angry mood it dropped....! tears drpopped from my eyes... i cried... i literally cried...!! " Jesus WTF! is going on with me" My canon EOS1000d with 18-55 lens 22,000/-

Next i got camera from my well wisher and took it to the convention...! along with that i took all the essentials of mine... like iPod, Sprints, etc., etc.,

The convention finished my girl friend said break up...! i said OK..!
i forgot my Bag containing all essentials in the college...

Afet 3 days when i took my bag i realised that  lost my iPod... " third time in the month, I'm again in tears"20,000/-
Removed all the clothes and found that another bag of me is missing... " The bag that contains my Sprints... jesus christ i hate my life" 5000/-
Slowly i found that i forgot my DSLR carrier and it's charger in Auto rickshaw...!! "FML!!"5000/-

Now lately i understood that i lost stuff worth 60,000/- in just 5 fucking days..!!

i'm really in dire need of concentration and some other medical shit...!!

Hating my life.....                                                                                                   -Jaynth busi

PSP monochromed...

21st century gaming..... PSP

When i used to be a kid i used to have a T.V. Video Game..
I still remember the days that i cried for that....
finally in 2003 i got my 1st ever TV. Game...
After that days changed rapidly....

Gaming revolution took place.. the entry of Playstation by Sony and Wii by Nintendo gave a big kick to Cassette controlled TV games...
In the time they passed away...
Now another era of portable gaming arrived... PSP, GAMEBOY etc., are proving their standards on their respective platforms...

Even the prices of the gadgets are dropping down gradually due to the rise in the market value and the day by day advances in technology improvement.......

Camera :- Canon E1000d

P.S :- Am not a techie. So, some data might be wrong.... but still i play this PSP of mine for fun some times.....  :)

Am sorry... :'(

You Know I hate quarreling with you
And I expect the same with you
Don’t know why am in this solitude
Just to say I can’t be with you?

I say yes, but my heart says no
Only because without you I can’t move
Why don’t you call me?
If it’s the attitude that’s killing
Then take a knife and sue me

Without you my life won’t be lonely
But I guarantee you that It won’t be complete
I just want to say you to remember one thing
The song, we wrote and the fights we fought
The texts we did and the prayers we prayed
Will not just end in one day
But it takes a life time for me to regret the mistakes I did

Shut up da, I know you want to speak
But then why do you wait for me to poke?
I’m shy to do it all the time
People start thinking I’m torturing you.
 Waiting for your one little poke
Will wait and wait until I can’t resist…
I know you’ll definitely will
Awaiting your reply here I stand still….

I give up......

Oh baby am so sorry for what i've done
It's hell without you and am already in
Is the infatuation that played with my brain?
Or your dreams that i'm lost in

Are you the one which i saw you in that mall
In the hall and on my bed sitting on my couch?
It's so annoying that i should now i should stand still
On my own with out your support , On the wall of the angel's hell

Deep below buried in me
is the land of agony
which is now bursting out, in the form of tears
And Loneliness reigns by royal decree.

Am now without an answer, no not even a clue
Should i wait or wake from this dream of you
This is a torment that i cant fight anymore
My tears were out and i can't cry anymore

I thought you would be with me
Till the end of the sun and moon's light in the night
But i came to know that it's just a dream in twilight
That can never ever be cherished even though i fight

Arts degree is for people who wish to live their own life…

Guys now a day’s people’s way of thinking have changed drastically. Even the parents now a day are just forcing their kids to join either in engineering stream or medicine stream.
                     Well particularly in my state Andhra Pradesh where education has become a business here. They just force a kid of 11th standard to study for nearly 13hours a day in college without any extracurricular activities. Which I think is too insane. But what all they need is marks. Well even an average guy like me can score 100% marks if he is made to study in the way he likes.
                       Listen guys’ studying is important. But I say studying the subject a student likes is very much important. And “RANKS ARE NOTHING BUT NUMBERS, BUT TALENT IS THE ONE THAT EARN YOU THAT NUMBERS”
                        And who the hell said that “arts is for dummies”. For those who think like that I’m saying that “arts is for people those who wish to live their own life”. And “engineering and medicine are the subjects for money bugs!”
                     See even the great scientists at the end write their own book called “auto-biography” which is an art not science. And the books you are reading are also a form of art and the machines that engineering students use also 1st came from artwork and designing…
                      Am not criticizing the people who studied engineering because I myself is a student of engineering. But the way of thinking in this country should change. Here everyone thinks of money fame and luxuries. And they think only way is doing a professional degree…! Isn’t it insane?
                         Even most of our parents have done their mainstream degree in arts they don’t wish their child to read arts. Why?. It’s not the problem in some families. But many of them wish their child to become either an engineer or doctor. Are they the only professions that can earn money?. I say NO.
                              You know guys in my state alone there are nearly 800 engineering colleges and 100 medical colleges. Why does the government and even the private sector start colleges for only engineering? Why can’t they open colleges for arts, architecture, literature, pure and applied subjects and other courses?
                            The reason is only one. Parents here wish their son to become either engineer or doctor right from their early childhood. And even the kid even though after some period of time likes another subject he is getting forced to join in an engg or medical college.
                         I myself want to become a photographer right from 15. I applied for MIT, JJ and HALLMARK. But I can’t go there now only reason my parents don’t like me becoming a photographer… the reason might be simple guys but the impact on me was terrible. I’m now getting good grades but there is a place in me for photography. Like that I know many people are suffering around the world.
                      Only way to get out of this depression is just do what your parents say else explain them the subject you like and please them.
Don’t study for earning, study for a better living.

DonT EvEr ThInk LiKe ThiS................!!

10 things you should not say when you are in depression...!

1.    Am Worthless and would be better off dead.
2.   I have no value and no meaningful purpose for being here.
3.   I’ll never amount to anything.
4.   No one loves or cares for me.
5.   My situation is hopeless. I see no way out but to die.
6.   I’m stupid, I’m dumb, I’m ugly.
7.   Life doesn’t love me.
8.   Life is the pits.
9.   My future is hopeless.
1 0.   Nobody can help me.

Guys I experienced the worst situations in life… so, am saying you all that never ever think of you in a negative way……… whatever happens is just for our sake only…

And SUCIDE is not the answer for your depression.! It’s a coward thing… stand up and jump the walls of depression. You’ll land in the world of happiness……
                                                -Jaynth busi

The Amazing 5sec’s of my life

            The Amazing 5sec’s of my life

             Like every one even I had a dream of see a shooting star in my early teenage… don’t know the correct exact reason but I used to be very interested in astronomy, Martian exploration, aliens and shooting stars, comets etc., things……!
           When I’m a kid once I heard from one of my friend that “if you see a shooting star and wish something while seeing it your wish will come true”
             I don’t know why the hell I took it serious but I waited every night just to see a shooting star and wish something………

Finally a day came I don’t exactly remember the date but it was some where around February of 2008…
                         We were in the school at that time and the time was nearly 7pm when our teacher said us to out for a break. We all went for playing “hide & seek” and I was sitting lonely on the steps seeing the skies for something to happen… nothing happened for 10 minutes. Our teacher called us back to the class and we started going back to the class room.
                    I was thinking about my “crush” and slowly walking back seeing the skies and talking to other guys…… suddenly the amazing happened…………!!
         “A SHOOTING STAR” I was totally amazed and stood there I saw it for less than 5 seconds……! Amazing 5 seconds… that too I thought about my “crush” seeing that star……!
               Don’t know whether it’s the reason or not we were in a relationship by 2009 ! Hell it didn’t last for more than couple of years and finally got broke-up in 2011. But I think shooting star works for temporary relationships and wishes……
Because, a shooting star lasts for less than 5seconds and wishing in less than 5seconds is nearly impossible……!! And as it is a temporary thing so the wish is fulfilled temporarily
            Whatever guys that was an amazing wonderful and unforgettable thing in my life………
                                                                              -jaynth busi
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