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Deep inside burried was a sorrow of mine
Not even the medicine couldnt treat it fine
Been to the finest doctors in town
But surgery was the only option they have known

25 days of hell they said in advance
Pleaded to everyone but there is not a chance
Seeing my parents cry for me was the scene now
Now i feel somethings cant be made with millions of dough

God why have you choosen me for this?
because i wanted to be in peace?
Take my soul rather than this month of hell
Im not ready for this. Better take me as well

Been three months already and still a month more?
My studies, my future all are broken down four..
And now another month of intense pain?
Trust me im more ready to lay lame

Tears come as I write these lines
Not in agony but in fear thats extended miles...

P.s : with pain power zillion
        Needed some prayers :(

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