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nature91 :- A Curious Insect(day#22 of 91)

Curious Insect.....
Well these arthropods are seen nearly every where in India also all around the world.

Parameters :-
Camera Used  :- Canon A495
F-Stop :- f/5
Exposure time :- 1/60 sec
ISO speed :- ISO-80
F-Length :- 8mm
Max aperture :- 3.34
Resolution :- 180dpi(horizontal) / 180dpi(vertical)
Color Representation :- sRGB

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I give up......

Oh baby am so sorry for what i've done
It's hell without you and am already in
Is the infatuation that played with my brain?
Or your dreams that i'm lost in

Are you the one which i saw you in that mall
In the hall and on my bed sitting on my couch?
It's so annoying that i should now i should stand still
On my own with out your support , On the wall of the angel's hell

Deep below buried in me
is the land of agony
which is now bursting out, in the form of tears
And Loneliness reigns by royal decree.

Am now without an answer, no not even a clue
Should i wait or wake from this dream of you
This is a torment that i cant fight anymore
My tears were out and i can't cry anymore

I thought you would be with me
Till the end of the sun and moon's light in the night
But i came to know that it's just a dream in twilight
That can never ever be cherished even though i fight

nature91 :- In search of Fish(day#9 of 91)

In search of Fish
For this i used Canon e1000d and manipulated it using Photoshop 7

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nature91 :- A dusk with fishermen(day#8 of 91)

A dusk with Fishermen
For this i used canon e1000d and manipulated it using Photomatrix

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