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Sonnet to my jannet

Rushed my blood in the veins like a storm
In this cold winter night, looking into your eyes
As I hold you with my hands, take u in my arm
love filled the air, and silence broke the ice
Like the pearl in the shell, I protect you and I will
Seize you in my love forever, as long as it exist
Like the rainbow for the sky, in your life I fill
Colors of joy, happiness and for every thing you do to me I resist
Beyond the skies, in to the oceans I dive
For you to show that I love you till I die
Hold my hands, il make your deeams come alive
Not a word, not a promise, but just a sigh
Like a princess of athens, and the godess of heavens
You live in my heart and my soul, which are immortal
For you I shall live, for thee you are my greatest of possessions
in this silence and solace, here I commit as my heart babel

P.S : Do comment critics...

Who am I?!

As I changed hands, you were destined to be born
As you passed away, I made your doom
Days you worked hard for me, I lived near your heart
Days you slept lazy, from your life I went apart
Made you cry when i'm lost
And smile when i'm found in the frost
In my dreams you spent a lot
Without me you cant even depart
For your love, love me too than it does to you
Your dad earns you that it belongs to you
A day without me can make you frown
And the day with me can take you to throne

P.S :- who am I.... any guess...
          Yea, money.

Nothing is there wihout money...
People say "smile costs nothing" its not true...
You were here on this planet because your parents paid money to the doctor. :)

The blue angel...

Like an angel you drag me into your trance

With the eyes blue like the amazing sky

My soul from the bottom started to dance

In happiness my heart, here fly

Abided places in the valley you take me to

Deep down lnto the oceans you let me dive through

As I see the beneath thats un explored its blue

Serenity hence forth is all what I saw through

Like the waves of of a stormy sea

Your hair curls down till the end

Seeing it I shall forever be

Like a knight to you I shall defend

Forever I shall be in your dreams

Forever I shall be in your dreams

P.s : My first ever sonnet atrempt

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