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Zanjeer.. A review


Back to the early 70's where the romance played a major role, this movie had made a mark by creating a whole new genre called "ACTION PACKED FILM". And now thirty years later, The same movie was remade.

Ram Charan          as ACP Vijay Khanna
Priyanka Chopra  as Mala
Sanjay Dutt          as Sher Khan (Hindi Version)
Srihari                   as Sher Khan (Telugu Version)
Prakash Raj          as Teja
Mahie Gill              as Mona Darling
Atul Kulkarni         as Jaydev (Hindi Version)
Tanikella Bharani  as Jaydev (Telugu Version)

 Direction :    Apoorva Lakhia
 Production : Puneet & Sumeet Prakash Mehra

The movie starts as the Police officer Vijay Khanna gets transfer to the city of Mumbai after holding a record number of transfers in a very less span of 5years. Apoorva Took a very keen interest in the making of the role. of Vijay Khanna. This can be seen throughout the movie.

The plot starts when the gorgeous Mala (Priyanka Chopra) witnesses the insensate murder of an innocent and honest deputy collector in Mumbai city. This incident made Mala get introduced to Vijay as a witness and then later who becomes his life partner in the end

Sher Khan.. the famous role played by the legend Pran.. has been played by Sanjay dutt in Hindi and Sri Hari in Telugu respectively. Though it was a tough role to play, both of them played their roles in saving officer Vijay from the gang of Teja.

Jaydev who was as-plain-as-a-paper and an investigation journalist was played by Atul Kulkarni in hindi and tanikella bharani in telugu .The character plays a major role in the movie which lakhia failed to show except for a few dialogues here and there.

Teja who is a Gangster and a oil smuggler who is the main reason behind the murder of the Deputy Collector has been played by Prakash Raj who gave his full power packed performance for the movie

Last but never the least Mona Darling was played by the famous Mahie Gil gave the movie a special attraction. with her appealing and sensuous dialogues along with her beauty.

Over all the movie was just plotted in and around Mumbai except some scenes which were shot abroad. The action scenes were not given that importance when compared to the old zanjeer which were then the greatest stunts ever. Intensity of the action movie is not seen in the movie. Rather the movie was so plain and calm running. over all rating for stunts can be given as not more than   2/5 stars

The director rather focused on the "ITEM NUMBERS" more than the other songs. "Pinky" "Mumbai Ka Hero" were majorly hit songs in the movie. and music can be rated a better grade when compared to the taking 2.5/5 stars can be rated.

Director missed the concept of the formation of love bond between Vijay and Mala which is considered as a very disastrous element in the failure of the movie. expectations to reality quotient of the movie was really poor. The director tried to keep the original concept of the movie which was applause-able, but he then missed the that he is in 21st century.

Overall this movie can be seen once according to many critics and self experience and can be rated 2.1/5stars.
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