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nature91 :- Skies after Lightning(day#21 of 91)

Sky after a lightening...
It's an electric discharge which occurs during thunderstorms and volcanic eruptions...
The speed of lightening is nearly 2,20,000 km/h and it's temperature can reach upto soaring 40,000°C
The fact is that lightening is struck nearly 24/7 in some place or the other on the planet. and it's 
calculated that nearly 16 million lightnings are struck around the world in an year....

Parameters :- 
Camera used :- Canon E1000d
F-stop :- f/3
Exposure time :- 1/30sec
ISO Speed :- ISO-400
F-Length :- 7mm
Max aperture :- 3.15
Color Representation :- sRGB
Resolution :- 180dpi(horizontal) / 180dpi(vertical)
Lens Used :- 18-55 set to infinity
Bit depth :- 24
EXIF version :-0221

P.S :- Post posted under Nature 91

AwAiTInG For RaIn...............


awaiting with a million eyes
for just a water of rain
but cant even see a sight
of a small cloud

Its life
not a movie

photographer :-jaynthbusi-photography  

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