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Am sorry... :'(

You Know I hate quarreling with you
And I expect the same with you
Don’t know why am in this solitude
Just to say I can’t be with you?

I say yes, but my heart says no
Only because without you I can’t move
Why don’t you call me?
If it’s the attitude that’s killing
Then take a knife and sue me

Without you my life won’t be lonely
But I guarantee you that It won’t be complete
I just want to say you to remember one thing
The song, we wrote and the fights we fought
The texts we did and the prayers we prayed
Will not just end in one day
But it takes a life time for me to regret the mistakes I did

Shut up da, I know you want to speak
But then why do you wait for me to poke?
I’m shy to do it all the time
People start thinking I’m torturing you.
 Waiting for your one little poke
Will wait and wait until I can’t resist…
I know you’ll definitely will
Awaiting your reply here I stand still….
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