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The Red currants :)

Oh! as my cherubic little plant bear me
Not alone but a bunch of sisters around I be
Red like the lips of your darling, I blossom
From the small bud that grow in autumn

As you see, I look small like a baby's eyes
As you eat, I melt like frozen ice
Making you feel every moment of mine
Like something you can never define

                                            Image : wikipedia

So, small and red I wait for you here
In the rain i drench for freshness you require
Before i get bitten by some worm
Make me yours, in your hands i feel warm

As you eat me for sweet I feel like an angel
I give you boons, you can make me a pretzel
health I give you, as I got many things in  me
don't throw my seed, rather plant and make it a tree

P.S :- Post by chatty... from the dairy of Jay

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