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Deep inside burried was a sorrow of mine
Not even the medicine couldnt treat it fine
Been to the finest doctors in town
But surgery was the only option they have known

25 days of hell they said in advance
Pleaded to everyone but there is not a chance
Seeing my parents cry for me was the scene now
Now i feel somethings cant be made with millions of dough

God why have you choosen me for this?
because i wanted to be in peace?
Take my soul rather than this month of hell
Im not ready for this. Better take me as well

Been three months already and still a month more?
My studies, my future all are broken down four..
And now another month of intense pain?
Trust me im more ready to lay lame

Tears come as I write these lines
Not in agony but in fear thats extended miles...

P.s : with pain power zillion
        Needed some prayers :(

The destiny...

As I moved down the lane of virtue
Looking around searching for rescue
Not from the wounds or scars from the past
From the mankind In search of last resort

Crossed the country side, I still continue
Plains and valleys, in the mist and dew
Safe I feel now, as I eluded from fear
I can feel my heart light, as the winds roar

The road ended up dividing into two
Which one to choose, left with no clue
Is this the life?, I asked my soul
Closed my eyes, I move to the goal

Walked ahead dont know left or right
Miles and miles as the sun shine bright
Fruits and water quench my hunger and thirst
Rest in the dusk, in moon's twilight


Boomed like a lightening of a thousand suns
touched for the 1st time your lips on mine
from the tip stimulating all my nerves
my eyes left closed feeling so insane

sweet was the moment i imagined
gone was the love i expected
memories were the things that kept hanging
on the wall of my heart that burning

abided in the deepest places of my soul
were only you and you but nothing at all
mistake if done could'av been forgiven
but left me and went away in this hell forbidden


nothing but tears even they get over some day
but getting you back is impossible any day
 in our memories i take these 1200 micrograms
sleep well in the trance i lay in your dreams

dont know when will i regan myself back
will i or never is also a question mark
darkness over the day makes me feel more sad
that another day is lost thinking about you I feel bad

Searched were the places where you come and go
met were the people whom you talk and know
no use but a thing im happy is for
atleast you are happy like a diamond forever...

5 days and 60,000/- rupees .....!!!

Hi guys...!
How are you all?

Am bit busy with my life...

Yes, After a long time i'm enjoying my life...
Also now i'm going to write an incident in my life that happened 20days ago...

My college ANUCAP got chance for hosting Zonal-NASA(National Association of Students of Architecture)
For that convention i was really exicted and really proud to be a student of a host college

But that convention made me more sad than happy.. guess why?
It's just due to my mistake... I know people have SHORT TEMPER, MEMORY  LOSS and LAZINESS
But these three things taught me a lesson in my life that i can never forget

I can't say in words when i 1st reacted when my brother used my laptop when i said him not to... he didn't listen... The short temper thing suddenly made me mad... i jst closed my laptop with dirty speed.. "F***... the screen got cracked... My 1st laptop, my 1st crush to gadgets... and now insane" were the words that were in my mind at that time... totally 5000/-

In 10mins while taking my camera out in that angry mood it dropped....! tears drpopped from my eyes... i cried... i literally cried...!! " Jesus WTF! is going on with me" My canon EOS1000d with 18-55 lens 22,000/-

Next i got camera from my well wisher and took it to the convention...! along with that i took all the essentials of mine... like iPod, Sprints, etc., etc.,

The convention finished my girl friend said break up...! i said OK..!
i forgot my Bag containing all essentials in the college...

Afet 3 days when i took my bag i realised that  lost my iPod... " third time in the month, I'm again in tears"20,000/-
Removed all the clothes and found that another bag of me is missing... " The bag that contains my Sprints... jesus christ i hate my life" 5000/-
Slowly i found that i forgot my DSLR carrier and it's charger in Auto rickshaw...!! "FML!!"5000/-

Now lately i understood that i lost stuff worth 60,000/- in just 5 fucking days..!!

i'm really in dire need of concentration and some other medical shit...!!

Hating my life.....                                                                                                   -Jaynth busi
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