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TO my beloved........


Am so happy for you
For your life is happy now
Am so angry on you
Because you started seeing me low

My life is in dust
Ruins and like mist

I wanted you for the whole of my life
But you didn’t accept me for a single moment for your life

But one thing girl
I hate the way you lie
Even though it made you cry
And you hate the way I love
I still don’t know why

Now got I got no word
Not even a single syllable
Because I have no mouth to speak
No ears to hear
Not even an eye to see
And even a face because am dead

Just to see you smile
 And to make you happy
Just to hear you whisper
In your guys ear
The word I wanted to hear……

For thee i R.I.P      -Your beloved

Nature 91 :- Sun set (Day#4 of 91)

sun set!

for this i used the canon a495 camera and manipulated it using paint

p.s :- Post posted under nature 91

nature91 :- Neem leaves(day#3 of 91)

neem leaves

for this i used canon e1000d and manupulated it using M.s. Word

p.s:- Post posted under nature-91
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