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From delhi with dream... to mandi with memories... a road trip :)

Deep down somewhere hidden in the memories of me lies a road trip that I dreamed of after completing my graduation...
But it happened to be more memorable than what I dreamed of...
                           It was nearly 10am. And I suddenly got a call from the volkswagen showroom saying that the passat I booked was expected to get delivered by 2pm in the afternoon. I was so excited and took my friends sanjay and tej along with me. To take my new german black monster onto the lush black roads of india.
                         As my parents live near himachal, we decided to surprise my parents directly taking it near them, as they never knew that their eldest son would buy a german car for them. My dad who works for the indian governement never owned a car but he always used to say.."my elder son will be so successful that he will be able to afford a car"
                       We 1st took the car to a near by church and got it blessed. Both of my friends were so happy for me as I was the 1st one to dare a buy worth 20lakh. They never asked me for a treat rather asked me for a road trip. We went to the petrol bunk and got my monster's stomach filled... and started for himachal.
                       Mandi was the place where my parents live which is nearly 500km away from delhi. It was nearly 5.30pm and we finally enterd the national highway 1 (NH1) from the bye pass crossing our old college which took back us to our memories and the car to the destination
                   We started discussing about the performance of the car and we changed turns in driving for the 1st experience. We once rolled back our college days when we used to dream of racing in ferrari's on the same road walked miles on our foot laughing, fighting, discussing.. what not everything friends can do on roads.
                   Me, sanjay and tej were best buddies since our childhood days and we grew up together in the same school same college but in different companies as of now. Remembered everything in our road trip our childhood memories they both slept and i was left alone thinking and driving on the highway till my car reached a place.. very special to me
                chandigarh... the city of pride.. which left me the memory of my 1st love 1st kiss and my 1st party. Stopped in sector 68 we had a nice shake from a local parlour... and got my beast refilled again till its stomach reached its brim again. As I passed through the easy phase of the journey now its time for me to even ride on the most difficult roads in the country. NATIONAL HIGHWAY 21
                It was nearly 50km passed from chandigarh and was already night we decided to have our dinner in between the way. While turning onto the road which leads to mandi suddenly came a truck racin towards my brand new car. The things went upside down. Every milli second I tried to steer it away from the truck was like a millenia for me. It raced like a train on a track without even changing its path... those 5 secs I was blank... closed my eyes and just steered it away from the disaster thats ahead of me.
             It passed away and I stopped my vehicle on the road parked it and came out... emotions were so strongly filled in my heart at that time that I yelled out loud into the valley thats beside us. Sanjay came out shouting "wtf!!" I was yelling like a mad man left in a jungle. Tej came calmed me down and we were back to journey again.
           As am not used to these roads driving tej took incharge of driving and we were speaking about our current situaions.. as for me now im in love with someone who is 7 years elder to me... and I revealed it to them during discussion. They were so shocked and speechless that they started to stare at me. I said "life is not about finding someone, but finding someone who can love you atmost" they were congratulating me as we completed our dinner and went on the final yet more pain taking roads of the country.
          I called up my dad at 1am in the night and asked if he could stay awake for a while speaking to me. As we moved slowly on the ghat roads of himachal we reached mandi... welcomed by the temple of bhiuli we stopped I front of our small yet cute home on the edge of the mountain so high... I asked dad to come out once on the phone.
        As he opened the door I hugged him and the tears rolled down my eyes. Dad asked what hapened. And I kept the keys in his hand and said dad this is for you. He was in complete dielama and happiness that he didnot even sleep for whole night. But sitting with us and laughing..
        The next day when mom woke up early in morning she was surprised to see our new family member and felt really happy... atleast in my life I fulfilled a dream of my dad as I never did what he wanted from me. And happines I saw in their eyes was something I call "priceless"
The memories that I remembered, the gift that I gifted my dad, the ride with my friends, the near miss with thetruck in between, the truth that I revealed to my friends, and the dream come true for me and my dad has made this trip most memorable. "The best road trip ever"
         The car might worth lakhs... which i earned sweating. But happiness you see in your parents when their dreams come true because of their son/daughter is PRICELESS
Dream and let it come true
Sweat and let it come for you
Run until it stops for you
Beat until its happy for you

p.s :- this post is written under the IndiBlogger contest of  Ambipur The Perfect Road Trip
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