23, jan...

It was 6.30am, all I thought was to get out...

Nothing felt right to me... i was struck in a school ive never liked and I never liked from from there after...  "IT RUINED MY LIFE"

As the time flew by 6.45, I finally took a 100 and started cycling towards the railway station.

As I pedelled, sweat showered my face like if it is real
Everything wasnt fine as I thought, it was heart breaking!
Life aint gonna be easy, but infront there was a goal
Parked my bicycle, I knew I never will be regretting!

"A ticket to hyderabad, please" as I asked, the woman in the seat felt quite amazed seeing a child buying such a long journey ticket!
"78 and the change!" As she was busy with her work!
As I waited for the train to arrive, hours passed and I sat on the bench till 1pm in the afternoon..

As I entered the train, I really started wanting to get back to home and cry as loud as possible... I never wanted to go to that shool again... but the thought of showing world, my success... though I never had a clarity on what im going to do from the very night itself...!

As I sat by a window, there were a family sitting opposite me and an old man beside me.. I had all y books in the school bag and im traveling to a place, 5 hours away! It felt really bad for me as everyone saw the bag which I never wanted them to. I was left with nothing by evenig and as the train reached the town, I started asking myself why did I even do that! I travelled somewhere in city bus and I was lost..

As the hunger fed my brain, it felt like vertigo... and as I paused for a moment, I was left with a rupee and infront was a coin box...


Isnt it an apt ending? Rather ending up in roads?
Why will it even happen to someone...!



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